Monday, October 23, 2006

He is the man of my dreams,
He is the most handsome and intelligent man i have ever seen,
He is the kindest of all,
He is the BEST..and he is noneother than my grandpa!!!
Yes, not a single day goes without me thinking about him!!I have longing to write about him for quiet sometime..and today i got the oppurtunity..when i am a little relaxed...Almost for 20 years i was fortunate to have him by my side, to guide me, to be loved and cared for.
My grandpa was , is and shall always be the hero of my life!!A great man, extremely intelligent-he was a scientist..worked in planning commission..he has been so helpful to evryboday around him!
Till date evrybody remebers him for his kindness and warmth that he spread wreevr he went.Even my maternal granmother keeps talkng abt him, how he treated her as his sister and nott he typical sambandhi types, visiting them whenever he cud, attending all the family function!he neevr missed any even though we wud all ask him not to travel alone coz of his age...he was the man of principles and lived life to the fullest.
Since my childhood, he has taken care of me.Mom is a teacher and dad an engineer.Mom and i wud come back from school around the same time(2:30)..and thr grandpa wud have kept the lucnh ready for us both..for me he wud hav already kept sambar rice, curd rice etc..ready in the plate..all i had to do was wash up and eat!!!he even used to spoon fed me on few days..
he held our familt athai chitappa dad..we wr lik one family..and still are thanks to grandpa..on all festive occasion our house wud be full of guests and ppl from from far away wud come to vist grandpa, just to get his blessing...our distant relation, dads friends, my friends..just about anybody and evrybnody!!
One eccentric characteristic of my grandpa which i can never forget is that even though we had a nice lil washing machine...he wud put his dhoti and all to the dhobhi,..whos used to come to ur house from dhobhi ghaat just for him!!!..our loyal old dhobi..buoy...even he wud never miss coming to our house thanks to granpda..grandpa wud pull his to him as though he wr his buddy!..
and in our apartments.evrybody would wish him evrytime he went out for a walk .they wud stop by and talk to him..the watchman, mali, uncles aunties..evrybody!
almost evrybody in our family have been helped by him in somway or the it for career gudance, jobs, fmily problems just baout evrything unde the son u can think of..
Few thing i can neevr forget..evryday he wud get by by 5..have his bed coffee that mom wud come and give in his room..then he wud keep ling on hi sbed and make sure he woke me up ontime for schooll..i used to sleep in his room most of the days..and my sis..
then he wud red the newspaper for sometime and then get up and made it a pount to help ma out in the morning!!!i dont know somhow i used to be amused at this.. beat ...once a scientist..a man who was once incharge of scientific projects for the benefit of the country..going about doing small chores in the kitchen in his cute lil costume--yeah..banyan and shorts!!!..hehe..just used tio love watching him taht time!!
for him my dad was still his 5 year old kid.
amma wud have finished making breakfast and lucnh and would pack her's mine and my sister's lunchboxes to be taken to school and sometimes for dad too but that was left to grandpa as he enjoyed doing that!!dad wud go drop me and sis to bus stop an later mom to school as itw as close by...
by the time he wud return, grandpa wud be busy packing his sons lunchbox..he wud mix rasam and rice in perfect proportion(yummmy!!)...mix curd of creamy curd and milk..(by the way his way of making curd rice is so popular in the rajagopalans family that till date we all remember the taste and try to make it his style!!) i wud oftentease my dad nd call him a spoilt brat as even in his middle age, he old fatehr wud pack his lunch..for me that was amusing!!!i thot its hud be teh otehr way round..
but na grandpa loved doing it...and once when my maternal grandparents wr home and grandma asked y he did that for his don still and asked if she cud pak, he wud say, my sons still doesnt know all this..he wudnt eat properly if he himself packed it and that he was used to someone doing this for him since chilhood!! dad used to laugh at this..but hey it was fun watching grandpa!!
till today my mom keeps saying that she is blessed to be married int o this family and to have grandpa asher fatehr in law whi int he true sense was liek a father to her..he neevr treated my mom any separate from his own children..infact he wud help her in running the house..actually more than my fater, it was grandpa whi wud contribute int he running of the and grandpa wud sit down and make the lits of things to be bot brom departmental store...then he wud check the billone amazing this that i must tell is that he never used a calculator!!!!!!..even for the long list of almost a 100 items..he wud manually do the calculations..he nver used a calculator and his calculation wud be perfect!!!!!buoy...i think at 70 i wud be senile and wont be able to count even from 1 to 50!!
welll..i can go on and on abt him..he has been a great influence in my life and many otehrs....he sttill lives in our hearts...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gandhi to me...

Well evrybody has of late started to becoming obsessed with the father of our nation..Mohandas karamchandra gandhi...
Well am not here to rant about how great he was and teh bla bla..all that has been already done...i wanna talk abt what gandhi is for me...instead i am here to talk about what GANDhi (ji) means to me.
Here,I would like to quote what a wise man once said..."GANDHI TO ME IS A CONCEPT".
Btw me and the wise man who made this statmnt(quote) have had differences of opinion about the very man , the father of the nation.Like most indians, i too respect the man who was instrumental in getting us our independence.Well, here i must admit that i was(and i think i am) angry with the mahatma for what happened to bhagat singh and co..after he signed teh IRWIN pact..
I resepct gandhi ji for the fact that he belived in the power of the common man...he preached to be self-reliant, confident and never to fear if one knew one was right.This iss osmething that really struck me..never to fear when one is right and have tried to live by this. yes i say tried because on many instances i have had to react the otehr way..meaning scared even when i was right!!.and more than scared angry that i couldnt do anything abt it even though i knew i was and cud speak out!..
anyways, coming back to the topic..GANDHI..his ideals and principles have what have made me admire him rather than he being instrumental in ousting the british empire from India.
He taught people to be determined, patient and focussed when achiving a goal..same thing when i apply to my life..helps me achive things in life that i have aimed for..and hopefully should continue to do so..!
well on that positive note i shall end my post as i gotta rush to do some work...
rest in next

Friday, September 01, 2006


ON a tv show, a freedom fighter, a tv news reporter and a politician in the year 2006!

FREEDOM FIGHTER(F)::India is my mother land.I can do anything for my country.I can die for my country.
REPORTER(R):But sir can u sing for your country?
R:I mean teh national song sir
F:Ofcourse..."Vande mataram...sujalaam sufalaaam"
R:ah..sorry to interrupt You sir, currently there seems to be a lot of controvery surrounding this song.i cant let the rendition of this go on air sir.
F:What?controvesy..but Vande mataram till date, has been the national mantra describing the love of the patriots for our motherland India.
R: that case u can sing the remix version of it sir..or the A.R rahman version of it will pass off as entertainement..
F:What?u want me to sing the remix version with all those poor anorexic girls dancing rather jumping around, dressed in bare minimum ,the way our antecedents.. did when they first discovered how to make cloth...Oh my GOSH...wr is this country heading...
teh land of bhagat singh, subhash chandra bose, land of the mahatma..
R: AH sir u forgot rakhie sawant sir..
F: WHO?oh is she a freedom fighter too?
R: ..AH well u can say that sir..she fights for the freedom of item girls from being harassed by the Mikas...oh sir she is so ggreat so divine by politician)
POLITICIAN(P):Jai hind....namaskar goodevening people..I will eliminate poverty, i will give free ration to people below the poverty line.I shall eradicate corruption , the termite, eating teh society today and making it hollow...
i shall
F:Vande mataram, written by bamkim chandra chatetrjee, was the national cry for freedom from British oppression during the freedom movement. ..

R:excuse me sir , this not your election rally but a set for our talk show "India 270"on our 24/7 news channel ABCDE..."You give us high trps, we give you masala news for free"
(in the background)...F:Vande mataram ..sujalaam sufalaam..malayaja...
P:Oh is that so...ok ok..u see am so busy these days that its difficult to rem where i have to be , especially after these taxing long trips know all for the development of the country..
R:Yes sir.. yes sir..sir today we are gong to talk about the controversy surrounding the national song VANDE MATARAM
P: yes yes...our national song..something all indians must be proud of...u see we are discussing the issue and matter will be taken up in the parliament next session...(and not to mention tea coffe..snacks..hotel accomodation..guest houses...air can we not waste teh tax payer's money??)
R:(Karan thapar style)Sir are u by any chance sugegsting that India will enforce this draconian law?isnt it against the very princples of democracy?It violates teh article 28 of the indian constitution which forbadeS any eductaional institution funded by the state govt from forcing certain religious preachings...
P:Yes yes we are aware of all this.At this point i would only request the fellow citizens to refrain from any kinda violence(...HAHA PLS RESORT TO VIOLENCE SO THAT I CAN MINT MORE MONEY IN THE scams AND GHOTALAS in providing compensation to the riot victims!!..)
F:(by this time all angered by the politicians ambiguous remarks):OOdi baba...its a national song...why so much fuss over it...why does the govt need to pass a bill on making it mandatory for all to sing...why mix religion with patriotism...the constitution recognises the first two stanzas of the song which does not have anything pertaining to religion..then y put doubts in the minds of the innocent citizens of this beuatiful country..who fought against the mighty british with the force of unity...y divide them on this..jai hind...vande mataram
P:Arre sir ji cool down..we are yet to reach a consesnus on the friend Jlaloo is yet to return from his weekend resort at soon as he comes we shall take a decision...
R:Minster sir...shudnt the govt be thinking of more useful and important things such as how to combat terrorism, employemnt for the youth, issue of increasing number of farmer suicides...
P:Yes yes..all this our party has been doing right form the time of its inception(how can u forget the food for oil scam...the..and all the scams that our party is known for..)..all these issues have been ignored by the opposition..they have ruined our country..shame on them...hail Z party!!
F:Vande mataram....karenge ya or die...did i live this long to see our country break in to pieces liek this???did we fight for our freedom only to let go of it at the hands of party politics???shame on u
P:Arre down...its not the x party...the Y party has proposed this...they are nothing but a party of corrupt politicians who empty teh gazana evrytime they come to power....i am telling u today..elect us next year around too and we will promise a 20% growth in all the markets...improve standards of living of the people...and..
F:Arre u stop making big issues outta small moles!...half the battle is won...only wen u blow things outta proportion do things get outta hand...
practice ahimsa ,teh gandhian principle that will save teh world today...jai hind vande mataram....vande....
R:sir i am sorry but we need to go into a small break viewers stay tuned we will be right back after a short break(0f 5 ads!!!)...
(in the background....vande mataram vande mataram..vande mataram)
ad:"oh my god..poor girl...she has a dark complexion suitable match
for her"
sound byte:papapapuppapaa....FAIR,LOuleeee! power!!!...see effect in 6 weeks
ooooohhhh..wt a lovely gal...groom from from America...
Girl:OH THANK U FAIR AND LOULEEEEE..u made my life!!!

R:welcome back to our show..(now taht we have pleased our sponsors..shown u a how to get a to wash clothes and brush ur teeth)We are in the last segment now..sir ji..ur final comments
F:vande mataram...vande matarm..i will sing this unto death..i will go on fast..give away the bharat ratna if needed...they dare not make an issue out of it...i dint fear fighting against the british..i shall not fear fighting now!!!vande mataram..vande mataram
P:We , the Z party, promise to take a good decison on this issue..the matter has been taken up by the supreme court...we shall abide by the ruling(...well laws are meant to be broken...supreme court rulings are meant not to be followed!!!)
I Ask with folded hands to the people of this coutry..not to indulge in violence..and request our muslim brothers to remain calm and not raise an alarm..
HIndu muslim bhai bhai...we a secular soverign state...(hmmm..another 100000 vites won from both communities!!!..)
R:ok viewers with this we have come to the end of our program..stay tuned for more such interesting, useful topics and (thus mint money with more such movie specials..bollywood unlimited!!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"I" a simple letter but has a whole lot of significance, importance, meaning attached to it..and yeah whatevr u can think of...
"I"am great, "i "will do this.."i" dont like this" i" want to achieve this,
"i"really love this...well wherever u go "I " follows!
and really everything int his world revolves just around this "I".One doesnt want to be late to
the office y?coz "I "dont want to be marked late, lose a day's pay, be shouted at bythe bos...etc etc..
I want to do makes me feel happy...

george bush:I want to declare war on iraq...y? coz i feel the need..i think they are in possession of chemical and biological weapons...and i want to get control over their oil that i make my party happy and i continue to be teh president of the united states of america..

"I" care a damn about what means i adopt to succeed in life...even if it means pulling anotehr person down...crushing him/her under my feet...

"I" want to donate blood so that i could be of some help to someone in that ultimately..."I" feel happy...

"I" will study hard so that i get a good college to pursue my education and achieve my that "I" am happy

"I" will sacrifice my love for my parents so that they are happy and "i" am contented if they are happy..
"I" will let go of thee if thee feels happy without me..

"I" will expose criminals through sting operation as well as indulge in character assasination of ppl by carrying out sting operation about public figures's private lives , and gossip balout ppl's affairs as i want to mint money..

"I" will build a cancer hospital so that research is done on it and someday a cure is found for it which would wipe tears off dejected faces...cancer patients and those affected by their near and dear one being diagnosed of cancer...and those who have lost someone dear to the cadaverous cancer..

mother tereasa:"I"will dedicate myself to care for the ppl uncared for...longing for love and affection...render selfless service...

"I" hate you
"I" love you
"I" care a damn


Monday, June 26, 2006

MUSIC-My passion!

Yes music is one of passions..Personally i love classics...though i dont have much knowledge about the english classics..but if i get to hear them i enjoy it more than teh rock n roll the rap and other genres..Like most of the music lovers ion india..i love a.r.raman's music and offlate i have strated enjoying the music of teh famous trio shankar ehsaan loyas though its peppy..thanks to shankar their songs have a lil influence of indian classical music..especially carnatic....indian classical and western instruments..buoy an explosive combination..
But someho the presnt day music..exclusing teh few greats that we have..
The music today is too ephemeral to be captured in the pages of music history...very shallow depth or meaning.

When i sit down to relax..or even while studying..i just put some oldies on my comp..manna dey or rd/sd burman songs and carry on with my just gives me some kind of very refreshing just to even listen to these songs let alone sing..(which i do so in the cozy confines of my home and ya with the parallel track of my mother's woes of me not continuing to learn carnatic music...well had a stint at it for 6 years..and with utmost modesty..i was good..ratehr i am..but just that..the drive to go sit thru a class is not there..i prefer listening to the greats and learning on my own..!!)..well now that was quiet a digression...

coming back to the point...yes teh music tday...its a sore sightw hen i see ppl liek himesh reshmiya performing on a function like iifa awards which is a show basically to showcase indian cinema to the heart ccrie when i see thatguy performong on stage in front of a global audience...ia m sorry all u himesh fans..

yeah his songs have been chartbusters and are a hit on the dance floor...but personally..i feel ..this guys is getting more than his shar eof media attention..for christ sake u call that a hit??...ok now let me now bash him too much..i feel he doesnt even deserve this much of my blog space( call me arrogant or wteevr).....
well music is persnal taste..and def for jhalak dikhlaja...or junoon are no wr close to teh evrygreen hits..of say teh moovie khatta meetha(//"kishore kumar's rolll roll...thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai....then songs of chupke chupke...mili...buoy teh list just goes on and on...!!)
well i just wann asay to ppl liek anu malik and is just not abt making peppy numbers...or trying to remix or copy some english numbers and indianising it...
music is an art....if cant do justice to it..atleats dont insult it...!!..yeah yeah..i know tehse ar to strong an opinion..but hey i cant help it..

off late me been listening to more of just cant listen to any of himesh's songs...ofcourse doesnt mena i dont enjoy the present day songs..but stillam quiet choosy and my heart is def inclinmed to wards..the classics...or teh ar.rahmans and shankar....
may there be more of good music...and heres wishing the music industry..more and more eternal..evergreen hits....liek those of the yore

Monday, June 12, 2006


hello there,
been really really long since i wrote anything on my here i am punching few nes..
been a busy month...sisters wedding finally over..relatives have gone back..and its time now to think abt classes..blabla..all the serious things int his world...haha..serious and me..i am sure..unlike most of my not at all worried abt this round of i know its not my cup of tea..getting in to a software the first few companies are only software companies...lets see..might just attend one to get the feel of have some konda tension beofre tehy wait outside cuic office to see if i got a worry abt the aptitude tests or numerous rounds of i feel school was so much fun...
ok i hav to cut short my blabla got some work at hand...
so un til next

Monday, April 24, 2006


The sun rose liek a mighty don,
Smiling, the grass lay like a lazy lad,
Caressed by the touch of the naughty dew,
Flowers blossomed ,their fragnance filling the air,
Trees swaying in the gentle breeze,
Alas the birds chirped and cheered,
Such was the beauty of the dawn..

Mesmerised by the sheer beauty,
I drifted far far away in my thoughts,
To the land of Elysium,
Where we walked hand in hand,
Thou grip soo strong,
Where happiness knew no bounds,
Where kindness, love and compassion was all around,
Where i sang and danced with joy,
Telling the whole world that i was happy,
And Where to love, was for eternity..

The songs in my heart are for thee,
The love in my heart is for thee,
To live with you is not my wish,
As even life comes to an end, Its Death, u cant miss,
Without thee, life's like a body without a soul,
To love thy, is my only goal..

The hours have passed by,
The sun has set,
The flowers have withered,
The birds cheer no more,
Dressed in black, has entered Dusk
As i realized,
The land of Elysium was too far away,
With fortitude in my soul,
And love in my heart,
I still wait in despair,
I do not know why....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whats the big deal?

Yes thats the attitude i have for what i am gonna talk about..CASTE.
In the wake of the recent 27% reseravtion bill tahst being discussed and awaiting to be passed in the parliament, i can not but talk abt the very root cause of it ..CASTE.
Yes agreed teh lower castes were oppreseed int the past..yes agreed the govt needs o do something for the upliftment of the socially backward classes...but i really wonder...when one really wants to do something for ppl..does one ponder abt waht caste ppl belong to?
teh reservation system was introduced by mr.ambedkar in 1950 and was suposed to continue for 20 years as at that time..discrimination based on caste was rampant..
but the subsequent govts. kept extending the duration to play the dirty game of politics...
it was teh britishers who introduced teh indians to teh DIVIDE AND RULE policy..Well well, the britishers have left..but the policy is still religiously followed by our politicians..dividing people based on caste..just for getting votes...
but i wonder...are people so easily duped?hasn't the common man realised even now..after so many decades...after enduring hardship, pain and suffering coz of the political the form riots(godhra for eg)..? when will the common man rise above his own struggle for living and 'WHY SHOULD I BOTHER " attitude and stand up and say NO..NO more now..
ok i guess me getting to philosophical...
also. what botehrs me here staying in tamil the tam-brahmin bashing and suppression...i really dont't understand why shud one pay for the mistakes of one's ancestors...y shud there still be animosity and hatred harboured by few ppl agianst them...i myself have witnessed this kind of prejudice against really i am not here as the voice of brahmins or just expressing my views upon something that bothers me....
Why should we react in a way to teh cheap politics practiced by the bad politicians..
i really dream for an INDIA wr caste is not the basis of discrimination...and wr the education system in the country is free from the holds of caste based reservation ..
"Education is not the filling up of bucket but ligting of fire",this is one of my all time favourite quotes and i strongly feel that the fire must be lit in the young guns' minds, to achieve grt heights in life by empowering oneself with education and not teach them abt discrimination on teh basis of caste in the form of reservations which also, makes many think that its an easy option to succeed in life, rather than working hard for it..
I strongly feel, reservations based on caste must be done away with and the govt. must do the needful for the socially oppressed classes through its various programmes in the 5year plans..and also, help students with weak financial background
..RESERVATION BASED ON ECONOMIC CLASS and not CASTE which will solve the problem of uplifting the poor and the needy..
thats the BOTTOM LINE!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Lights, camera action!
These words are now familiar even to the journalists ..yes its the era of the "STING OPERATIONs"..
Almost evryday we get to see some sting operation or the other on leading news channels of the country...many to expose corruption but some just show some sleazy, sensual stuff to increase trp ratings...atleast many have the guts to claim that we give wt the audience wants!!!
is that so? i wonder..
well personally, my opinion is that the end justifies the means...meaning if the sting operation is carried out to expose corrupt officials and if the expose is beneficial to the public..for their good...y not???
but if the same is used to get juicy gossip abt private lives of public figures be it politicians or page 3 people..its nothing but yellow journalism which i feel is a disgrace and something that tarnishes the very image of a good free press that is considered to be the fourth pillar in a democracy like ours..
we need a free press to act as a watchdog..not to become entertainers...i look upto journalists like barkha dutt and christianne amrapour...but when i see few journalists..for the sake of money..selling something cheap and higly immoral to the makes me i really want to become a journalist who wud be merely a puppet at the hands of the advertisers??
take for example the video clippings of kareena kapoor-shahid kapoor kissing in public...i mean does it even bother me wt those ppl was a clear case of defamtion for those two celEbrities...and as someone rightly said.."IN INDIA ITS OK TO PISS IN PUBLIC BUT NOT to KISS IN PUBLIC!" so imagine the damge done to those two..not that i really care abt them ...and am not their fan!!but still ...their privacy was infringed upon and its something i cant tolerate...its against my principles!
so wr is this flurry of sting operations heading??

i mean cheers and kudos to tarun tejpal, editor of tehelka .com and his team of journalists..anirudh bahl..who exposed the corrupt politicains of our country..who are those shamelss creeps who didnt think even twice while finalising a defence deal..shame on them!
also the sting carried out by aaj tak to expose the flesh trade happening in many so called beauty a commendable exposed the entire racquet and thus saving many helpless girls from falling into the trap!

so all in all..sting operations are here to stay..but its the responsibilty of the journalists to use it for the good of the society and expose corrupption..and not just sell some cheap stuff!


HAVE u wondered how so many times u feel u gonna make it to ur destination, u face a dead end?
well its happened to me many a times..
just when i think am gonna reach my final destination i encounter a dead wr to to revert back..but reverting back is not that one moves forward with all the dreams and aspirations and hope in one's heart to reach wr one finally wanted...and then to encounter a dead end is something so unexpected and heartrending..
neverthe less..
u revert and try to find another way..
thats human try and try until u succeed..
and i always wonder why do we depend on others approval or look for approval for one's own actions and decisions..and y do we always bother as to what others are doing...and what they say
in the process we get misguided..mislead...and so we end up on the road that has a dead end!
so from my experience i have learnt..never to trust anyone else but oneself the most...ur conscience must be clear..and i follow my heart...and not depend on otehrs..
self-relienace my friends will take u to greater heights in life and let u achoeve what u always wanted...
self-reliance, confidence and perseverance...will make u come out in flying colours in life!



"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,the figure that she carries, or the way
she combs her hair...
true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes becausethat is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
The heart of a woman is what makes the world spin! "
-Author Unknown

These are a few verses from a beautiful poem i came across while surfing the net...
But today when i see the television or the big ad hoarding on the heart cries out for the woman folk! y?
coz they have been reduced to mere sexual objects - a product for consumoption by those watching the idiot box and those staring at the hoardings across cities.
take for instance the remix videos!
also,the other day, i came across a hoarding which was an ad for bathroom fitting(commods etc)...and with no connection whatsoever there was a picture of a very attractively dressed lady...
yeah rite the advertisers wud argue..wellits juts an ad and an ad has to catch the consumers's attention...well i say bull shit ....y shud women be used as mere sexual objects man?
again coming back toi tthe remix videos...its really disgusting and heart rending to see teh way woman are used for commercial gain..well i am not here to preach moral values but common i just cant see the dignity of woman going to the dogs.....many game shows these days just to use women(skimpilly dressed) boost their TRP rating ..utter nonsense..
All its heart rending to see women playingthe second fiddle to men..esp in sports...y arnt women sports as popular as men' sport...well reason media cares a damn...yes ours is a cricket crzy nation...but if so y not give ample coverage to women criket as well...y arnt the anju bobby georges getting many woman in sports have to have the hot, sexy look to get sponsors??does every sportswoman have to be ike sania mirza to get noticed?
the same is not the case with sportmen..then y woman are being targetted...dhoni with his unconventional looks gets enuf ads to have a good bank balance for next few years..well agredd that guy is a cracker on teh fields....but y not anju bobby george who has done our country proud by winning the bronze medal clearing 6.49 m at the 2002 Commonwealth Games at Manchester and also, the gold medal at the Asian Games in Busan!
Its high time women get recognised based on their intellect, ability and didligence than as mere beauty dolls and sexual objects!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here i am sitting in the cozy confines of my room, my own space in the house and in the entire universe.
I think and i think and i think....what?i really dont know exactly..but i am thinking something.Now when does one reallly think hard...when you have to solve a maths equation, faced by a real life problem, have to take a decision...well practically for doing anything we gottathink...ok this post is not to write an essay on what is the act of thinking...this is to write what i am thinking!!
hmmm..what am i thinking...i am thinking...hjow does one define happiness..?well to me happiness is getting what i want, doing what i like, loving people i care for the most, loving my parents, my dearest sister...and my entire KHAANDAAN...and grandpa..who though not with me now..lives in my thoughts, memories and his teachings ...which i won't forget my entire life and would pass on in legacy to my childen as well and ofcourse being loved back by and friends!
so it leads me to the question...when am i sad? when??? well am sad when am not happy..hehe..

i am sad when someone close to me hurts intent or unintentionally...but now i think...why should one be sad ever? we allow ourselves to be sad..means we allow ourselves to be hurt...ultimately it is the "I" that lets u become why shud i pay heed to certain mean, sad, distasteful things and allow being pulled down in spirits when i can feel happy and blessed with the brighter side...knowing that i am being loved by so many others!!
Well its easy to say that don't care..but ultimately, human psychology...we do care..we do bother and we do get what does one do...for me best is to cry over it whole heratedly once...and then just cheer up thinking of the best things in life that has happened to life is to move now now...i am not writing this in a sad dejected moood and to console myself...but i write after retrospection...and in well quite an ok mood..neither am i sad nor am i extremely was normal..yet an extremely tiring day i had!!doing my project work!
now coming back to the topic..I just don't want to attach to any sad.boring strings now..and feel light and happy as ever..
i am going to live by a quote of the father of our nation...mahatma gandhi..
"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
Passion, zest for life and love all around me is what i am going to live for and enjoy each day of life as if there were a no tomorrow for me...i want to leave this mother earth, content..and with no regrets...
i want people to remember me like this...


Our exams were finally over and we were rejoicing...we decided to have a fun day out...all us gang of 8 good friends.So it started out with lunch at hot chips and then came the trying time of "TO GO TO BEACH OR NOT" was 3:00pm..scorching ruthless heat of chennai discouraging us...but als...the spirit of the 8 brave soldiers...yes i call us all soldiers as we were ready to brave the tormenting heat of chennai...
so we went riding all the way to the beach on four roadies..laughing all the way..honking.!
Well the mission of the 8 soldiers was to spend one hour in the scorching sun at the beach...we slowly walk to the shore...then out of impulse 6 of us are standing in the water..the otehr two..decided to sit back and relax...
the six of then just completely forgot abt the mission..yes to kill time..and we landed up all wet...enjoying thoroughly in the water...playing like we were 6 years olds plashing water jumping...pushing each other into water...
we ended up spending mearly two hours there...forgettingthe heat..ofcourse once in to teh waters..we just enjoyed and never felt the heat.
all in all we had a fun filled gala time and this will remain as one of the many cherished memories during sophomore years!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Black and u an insight!

Wel, i have loved most of the good movies of black and white era...those where the times when social issues were taken up, those where the times when the entire family could watch the movies together.I especially love the way Guru dutt made movies,treated the subject and the way he emoted the feelings...simple and classy...Pyaasa has been my favourite..though i must admit i havent seen all of his movies..
Black and white is not only in films...these colours also play a major part in our lives..
i associate these two colours with incidents and happening in my life and teh lives of ppl around..
its black when i see women being harassed by theri own family members for dowry..
its black when woman are raped evry day or ratehr evry hour around the world...
its black when i see a child on road begging...
its black when i see a an orphan on the roads..
its black again when i see the number of murders being committed round the clock in every part of the world....
its black when i see old people working
its black when i see old people deserted by their obdurate, compassionless children...
well the list is endless..
so lemme come to teh brighter side...
its white when i see love between people...
its white when a man and woman tie the knot...
its white when i see friends caring for each other and being a friend in need..
its white when i see my mother smile...
its white when my friends celebrate my birthday...
its white when i sing for myself(heehe...must be black for otehrs...hehe)
and so many more things...
so there goes my philosophy of the significance of black and white in one's life...
i would love to go on and on..but its hig time i get down to some serious business of doing my project..with review appoaching my heart is going Sharukh's heart's way in kal ho na ho.....DHAK DHAK...
rest in next..

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


They are the apostle of love,
they are the embodiment of patience,
they are the beauty,
they are the light,
and without them,life won't be bright!!

Women-the 9th wonder of the world!
She has the strength to carry on when many give up,
She smiles and the people around her cheer up,

The saga of a woman's life is too large a canvas to fit in,
She is a mystery,
giving a complex to history!
She could cry at the drop of the hat,
And well a reservoir could be filled up with that,

Time and again she has been suppressed,
Even that doesn't get her depressed,
She walks the mother earth with pride,
Life, for her is like a bike ride,
It goes past her so fast with twists and turns,
A long eventful journey, like that to Saturn!

Her aura, charisma, personality, complexities ,
Can not be captured in one poem,
So all i can do now is bow to them,
well woman are a species, no one can fathom!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


another week went by and still not proceeded much for my research project..with the review date closing in on march3rd/4th, its giving me jitters!!
well that apart, the video magazine work went on well for the third edition...had load of fun doing that but not its become monotonous....its taking up so much of time that there is no time to do anythings i plan to take a break from it...but let see...i cant shy away from duty tooo..buoy that was something heavy!!!hehe..
anyhow, as for the sisters wedding, the guest lists are ready and the budget(ofcourse with me around there is evry possibility of exceeding it...!!!hehe just a good planner!!)
thats it for now...wanted to keep this post short and sweet as i have to rush to college now...blogging ha become quite addictive so i just had to jott down somethingonmy dear darling blog...
now am offfffffffff to college after a day off!!!
hope to find and do something interesting and fun today!!
heres for a happy day!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years. ~Simone Signoret
Well its that time of the year when u see celebrations in almost evry nook and corner of Chennai...the wedding season..
and not far behind in the league is my family...
yes sister's marriage...
after a year long of talks and discussions, its finally time to implement PROJECT MARIAGE!!!
It feels as though it was just yesterday i was giggling in the house playing arnd with her, bugging her by pulling her long platues..and now bang to the present...she is getting married wither this june or august...the date is yet to be finalised as she and her hubby to be, have to fly down from USA .But am all smiles as yestrday it was finalised that it wud be anytime between june and august..
now i have all the more work!!!as am going to be the wedding planner of sorts for her...
my beloved sister...3 and a half years older than i , yet i feel she like my baby sister for i am gonna plan evrything.!!!
its an occasion where the entire family coms together and cherishes teh bind of togetehrness as ours is a very close knit family...where no one is a guest...evrybody is family...aunts uncles cousins...
so evrybody is looking forward to this fun filled gala time ahead...
until then...its show time for me ma and dad...!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

uneventful day

today me home all day..doing nothing..just lying on my bed..and gazing at the stars stuck on my ceiling and reminiscing abt what all has happened in my life so far...
lousy day..lousy mood..
in company of my favourite songs..
relaxing away to glory


today was a tiring day..not because of work but because of the lack of sleep...teh whole of last week i spent working on my feature...and now again this week the work for the next edition has begun and also i am fced with my project 1st review..gawddddd. on top of that i gotta organize a workshop for my added i wish i wasnt forced into being a representatiove...its has both pros and cons i tell u..!!!
in any was a dull day for me..i was hurt by a dear friend of mine ...and wen i am down..nothing works in my favour i feel...i continue to work liek a machine..mechanical thast all..with no feell...but sometimes i deliver the best under stressed was a day to sit back and relax and think abt my future from tommorrow onwards begins anotehr hectic are the list of things i gotta do(i always have had a habit of jotting down things to do..well that way i am prety organised and a good planenr...hehe):
*project review
*gateway awards
*website building
*meet up with friends before they pass out of colleeg this year
buoy my hands are totally tied down.. but yet my old usual self and spirit is all geared up to finsih all the tasks in no time..!!
my heart doesnt wanna work, but my mind says i have tis battle , my mind wins as always...
but my heart has no mood or intention to do anything...just lie down under the night sky and gaze at the stars...atleast thats free of cost!!heeh

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well today was the screening of our second edition of ENLIGHT.. and hmmm there was the mark of humour, constructive criticism and appreciaction!!
yes, our stories were scrutinised from a renowned person from the media who has had 10 yeard of experience in the print as well as electronic medium , most importantly for me, he has worked in Ndtv for 4 years!!his scrutiny was welcome as we got ibjective and good comments from him unlike peple who just come for the sake of it and say it was good just to please us..
and i am very happy today as the feature which i did that was on public interest litigationfiled by a differently abled person on the MTC, was well appreciated for the piece to camera i gave, the research done and few visuals...
so it was a good learning experience too as he told us how a particular story should be covered..the visuals, the scripting, the editing..covering all the aspects of doing a feature..
all in all it was an enriching experience and gave me immense happiness and pleasure after getting good review on my repoting and presentation skills from a learned and ezperienced person like him. i am happy as i never had total confidence in my capabilities but now i know and belive in myself and i can do a lot more to improve my skills!!!
so heres raising a toast to me!!


The wind caressed her gentle face,
She sat near the sea shore, at a deserted place,
Solitude was her only companion,
Her life full of compassion..

She knew no bounds to love and care,
Trusting people easily, left her in despair,
Tormented by the relentless ordeals,
She was shattered and her wounds would never heal,

But just then she heard a faint voice, a voice from within,
That life was to move on and not for cribbing and crying,
The undying love and compassion must go on,
For there are millions- orphaned children,helpless women waiting for her to come along,
So there she rose like a phoenix from its ashes,
Above her sorrows,her heartache, to go places,
Breaking free from the chains of grief,
She now had to let go of her belief,
that life was not all bed of roses,
failures,hurdles and sorrows, all came in different phases...

She waits for what life has in store,
until then she lives with the pain bestowed upon her for sure,
She hopes to resolve the conflict within,
and asks thy self, is love such a big sin?

She stands tall as a fighter,
Determined to win like a knight in shining armour,
She craves for the happiness that has bereaved her,
and fears it may not be anywhere near,

She longs to be cared and desires for someone to rely upon,
and until then the show must go on and on and on...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well,the day of shooting dawned,i was all set with the armaments required ...hmm my first enemy lay within me..THE SLEEPING cells in my body!!
yes i had to fight sleep.get up as early as 5(which is in the usual days midnight for me!! in theory i was burning the midnight oil when repoting ...haha) to enter the battlefield of reporters to cover the chennai marathon at ELLIOT'S beach with my favourite favourite HC40E sony video sounds like name of a complex machine eh?
i went there expecting a crowd of press and media..but to my surpse..we that is me and my friend were the only people as ppl from the press...yes we wore the t-shirts exclusive meant for meia persons and buoy wt effect it had on ppl arnd...right from police personnels to the organisers of the chennai marathon filled us in with updates..the number of runners..who's leading wts, gonna happen next...actually elliot's beach happened to be the turn around place of the marathon..that is from there the runners headed back to the labour statue at marina wr the marathon began, for the finishing line!!
anywyas back to my first experience of covering a live event liek this... we had a team of 7 ppl covering this event at various locations in chennai..two persons at a location friends were at marina and i with another friend at elliots..and we commnicated with each other using the boon to amnkind..our MOBILES...and spoke to each other with cameras rolling as though we were talking to a person in the studio!!!lol..and ofcourse we were quiet convincing too,....
i enjoyed reporting live..well aprt from the occasions falterings and fumblings...i mangaed it pretty well..
after finishing our job at elliot's and my friend headed off to marina beach to meet our other friends and to our amazement and surprise...the man in lead in the chennai men's marathon was running besides our we captured his winning stretch on our camera , much to our contentment!!
after that we spent time at the finish line trying to get video bytes of the winners and then covering a whole lot of activities tehre. then teh entire team gave aan enduing shot on camera all enthusiatic and happy at covering the event and our first live assignment as electronic media

well, as someone great nicely said,
running is like life,its quite a distance, but well worth it..
today, a small incident made me realize that life is to move on and not harp on the past...i have been living in the past glory and memories..but its time for me to wake up from my dreams and face the one waits for has to be on one's own and make it till its end..survival,thats the word we all live by...NO MATTER T HAPPENES, I WILL SURVIVE...thats the human spirit.
its easier said than done, but i hope to make it to the end soon...all by myself!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


well they say run a mile to keep the smile!!!i am all set to cover the chennai marathon at Elliots beach for our video magazine ENLIGHT!!! i am surely gobnna be enlightened..(a)en-lightened..coz its gonna be in the wee hrs of morning..5/6:00a.m and thats actually midnight for me!!!!lolol(b) there ppl taking part in this marathon who gonna be supporting a i will surely be enlightened!!!
well i better hit the bed else wud be participating in the sleeping marathon!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Menander of Athens ..."He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor."
Well rightly said was a out an out hectic day..right from 8:00 in the morning to 8:30 in the night!! working hard as ever..trying to meet i understand the meaning of pushing deadlines to death...hehehehehe...
there i was sitting in teh comp lab in teh dept editing away a story during the course of which i faced all the hurdles possible..first the footage wudnt digitize properly..then the voice the end of the day it was a troublesome and tiresome day!!
not to forget the amt of fun we had laughing at each other's works in the lab..esp one of my friends cute voice over..
well surely it was tougher time coming back home as i cudnt find an auto and moreso finding a good auto driver(one who is not drunk at that time!!!buoy very difficult to find) and finally after a desparate wau for 10 mintues in front of teh college gate i finally found a decent auto fella and quickly jumped into it as though it was james bonds's personal car...fellnot to mention teh speed at which he drove gave me a feel of going in a ferraari esp when traversing the two wheelers paths!! finally i was happy to reach home in one piece and alive!!
i just gobled my food as though i had never seen food before and then again got back to work after watching tv for a lil while..and yes the serial belonging to teh k brigade and i make no qualms abt saying that i do enjoty watching kasaiti of the k brigade as its mere matter wt ppl wthink abt it!!
and now again her ei am meeting my dear online diary!!
well gotta go now as another hectic day awaits me..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


well, just day before yesterday i almost met with an accident and surely i would have met mother tereasa after that!!!luckily i was alive..but at that very moment, as people generally experience, my entire life flashed in my mind...
my childhood, adolescence, my days with my best pal shilpa in our apartment compound...taking a stroll or playing badminton...then my life at friends..just abt evrything...its only then that i realised how precious life is...i realised i had so much more to much more to say to some people that moment i just wanted to do everyting that i wanted to or had ..i just wished i cud fly back in the past ad correct certain grave mistakes that i committed in life for which i suffered..times i wish i can relive..moments that i cud relive and make time stand still..freeze those moments with my loved ones...but i becoming too filmy...
ok lemme cut back to the i am alive and kicking rather stretching in my chair in the middle of the night and hoping to achieve something in life and transform my dreams in to carreer my personal life..just abt evrything that i wish under the sun!!
i wanna live every moemnt and forget the past...well not the entire the censor board erase the bad memories and just move life to the fullest..well literaally and figuratively..heeh as my friends and family keep complaining abt my weight i wanna eat well and keep my tummy full...although i dont diet, ppl feel i deliberately dont eat and buoy they taunt me and make me feel as though am anorexic which i am most certainly not..
well i am simply lavanya...haha
i wanna contribute more to the the needy as my heart cries out to those underpriviledged ones wandering on the streets of chennai for food each time i see someone wasting food(i am sure many times my frends have cot me doing that...hehe!!) but nowadys i dont..i sincerely finish my lunch!!!
life is beautiful...themoral of the story evry moment..let not failures discourage u and pull u down..let not tragedies sap off the liveliness and the essence of happiness outta u...afterall troubles and failures are part of evryones y not beat it and get over it as soon as possibble like eating a whole large pizza when hungry!!!
shall end it with 2 lines from one of my favourites songs...
Life is a road and i wanna keep going,
love is a river and i wanna keep flowing....

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


i am back after a loooooooooooooong time...whew..i used to maintain a regualr diary to capture my happy, sad,naugty moments in life and then i simply stopped keeping track!and then i found a new medium to record the events in my life and oops..i became lazy to do so!!
year 2006 ushered in a lot of hope and positive energy in me! except for certain events that totally took me by surprise..but hey life's like that aint it!??today was indeed a hectic day as got cot up with work relating the new video magazine that we as news production students launched..ENLIGHT!! AND buoy was i enlightened today abt various issues surrounding us!!we went to shoot at the chennai two innocent souls we paraded the railway station to shoot the disable friendly coaches and well we(me and kaushi to be precise!) were suddenly caught off guard by a police personal who asked us y we were filmimg wt we were...and fell like FBI agents my friend flashed her id card only after which the poor guy's notion abt us was reafirmed that we were really two harmless souls and well duty asked us to meet the station master to get permission and more help on that!!wow that was surely a surprise!! well after this like good girls we turned to get out of the station after promising the guy that we wud meet the sation master and wallah..we ran as though we were running for our lives!!!
wait the comedy didnt end there..we also tried our leevl best to plat by the rules and seek permission to shoot inside the MTc bus and there again we scared the driver of the bus who at the mere mention of the word shooting got out of the bus and then was nowr to be seen..
so there again we resorted to our dear old method of a sting operation ...we got into a bus and like good law abiding citizens bought tickets all this while kept the camera rolling and atlast got the footage we needed...
it was a bliss to return to college and it was only then after recounting the entire shooting episode to our friends that we had a good laugh on it..and promised myself never to carry out a sting operation...but hey promises are meant to be broken isnt it!!!
well after this eventful day i thought i could finally get down to updationg my blog and so here i am doing just wt is needed at the end of a tiring yet exciting day!!
well troubles have always surrounded me..heeh sometimes i feel trble was my second name..but hey lifes like and goes on...
as the saying in showbiz goes..
the must go on!!!