Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gandhi to me...

Well evrybody has of late started to becoming obsessed with the father of our nation..Mohandas karamchandra gandhi...
Well am not here to rant about how great he was and teh bla bla..all that has been already done...i wanna talk abt what gandhi is for me...instead i am here to talk about what GANDhi (ji) means to me.
Here,I would like to quote what a wise man once said..."GANDHI TO ME IS A CONCEPT".
Btw me and the wise man who made this statmnt(quote) have had differences of opinion about the very man , the father of the nation.Like most indians, i too respect the man who was instrumental in getting us our independence.Well, here i must admit that i was(and i think i am) angry with the mahatma for what happened to bhagat singh and co..after he signed teh IRWIN pact..
I resepct gandhi ji for the fact that he belived in the power of the common man...he preached to be self-reliant, confident and never to fear if one knew one was right.This iss osmething that really struck me..never to fear when one is right and have tried to live by this. yes i say tried because on many instances i have had to react the otehr way..meaning scared even when i was right!!.and more than scared angry that i couldnt do anything abt it even though i knew i was and cud speak out!..
anyways, coming back to the topic..GANDHI..his ideals and principles have what have made me admire him rather than he being instrumental in ousting the british empire from India.
He taught people to be determined, patient and focussed when achiving a goal..same thing when i apply to my life..helps me achive things in life that i have aimed for..and hopefully should continue to do so..!
well on that positive note i shall end my post as i gotta rush to do some work...
rest in next


Arun said...

AM THE WISE MAN !!!!!!!!!!

you are otherwise :D

lavanya said...

well prabhu..its not contradicting..ur heart always tells u wen u r wrong..secondly wt i meant is that..most of look for other's approval for wt we do..exampke...u write sdomething ..u show to ur frinds to get their opinion..or a novelist writes adn waits for comments from critics...thats wt i meant by approval..

Ganesh said...

gud one