Monday, June 26, 2006

MUSIC-My passion!

Yes music is one of passions..Personally i love classics...though i dont have much knowledge about the english classics..but if i get to hear them i enjoy it more than teh rock n roll the rap and other genres..Like most of the music lovers ion india..i love a.r.raman's music and offlate i have strated enjoying the music of teh famous trio shankar ehsaan loyas though its peppy..thanks to shankar their songs have a lil influence of indian classical music..especially carnatic....indian classical and western instruments..buoy an explosive combination..
But someho the presnt day music..exclusing teh few greats that we have..
The music today is too ephemeral to be captured in the pages of music history...very shallow depth or meaning.

When i sit down to relax..or even while studying..i just put some oldies on my comp..manna dey or rd/sd burman songs and carry on with my just gives me some kind of very refreshing just to even listen to these songs let alone sing..(which i do so in the cozy confines of my home and ya with the parallel track of my mother's woes of me not continuing to learn carnatic music...well had a stint at it for 6 years..and with utmost modesty..i was good..ratehr i am..but just that..the drive to go sit thru a class is not there..i prefer listening to the greats and learning on my own..!!)..well now that was quiet a digression...

coming back to the point...yes teh music tday...its a sore sightw hen i see ppl liek himesh reshmiya performing on a function like iifa awards which is a show basically to showcase indian cinema to the heart ccrie when i see thatguy performong on stage in front of a global audience...ia m sorry all u himesh fans..

yeah his songs have been chartbusters and are a hit on the dance floor...but personally..i feel ..this guys is getting more than his shar eof media attention..for christ sake u call that a hit??...ok now let me now bash him too much..i feel he doesnt even deserve this much of my blog space( call me arrogant or wteevr).....
well music is persnal taste..and def for jhalak dikhlaja...or junoon are no wr close to teh evrygreen hits..of say teh moovie khatta meetha(//"kishore kumar's rolll roll...thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai....then songs of chupke chupke...mili...buoy teh list just goes on and on...!!)
well i just wann asay to ppl liek anu malik and is just not abt making peppy numbers...or trying to remix or copy some english numbers and indianising it...
music is an art....if cant do justice to it..atleats dont insult it...!!..yeah yeah..i know tehse ar to strong an opinion..but hey i cant help it..

off late me been listening to more of just cant listen to any of himesh's songs...ofcourse doesnt mena i dont enjoy the present day songs..but stillam quiet choosy and my heart is def inclinmed to wards..the classics...or teh ar.rahmans and shankar....
may there be more of good music...and heres wishing the music industry..more and more eternal..evergreen hits....liek those of the yore

Monday, June 12, 2006


hello there,
been really really long since i wrote anything on my here i am punching few nes..
been a busy month...sisters wedding finally over..relatives have gone back..and its time now to think abt classes..blabla..all the serious things int his world...haha..serious and me..i am sure..unlike most of my not at all worried abt this round of i know its not my cup of tea..getting in to a software the first few companies are only software companies...lets see..might just attend one to get the feel of have some konda tension beofre tehy wait outside cuic office to see if i got a worry abt the aptitude tests or numerous rounds of i feel school was so much fun...
ok i hav to cut short my blabla got some work at hand...
so un til next