Tuesday, February 28, 2006


They are the apostle of love,
they are the embodiment of patience,
they are the beauty,
they are the light,
and without them,life won't be bright!!

Women-the 9th wonder of the world!
She has the strength to carry on when many give up,
She smiles and the people around her cheer up,

The saga of a woman's life is too large a canvas to fit in,
She is a mystery,
giving a complex to history!
She could cry at the drop of the hat,
And well a reservoir could be filled up with that,

Time and again she has been suppressed,
Even that doesn't get her depressed,
She walks the mother earth with pride,
Life, for her is like a bike ride,
It goes past her so fast with twists and turns,
A long eventful journey, like that to Saturn!

Her aura, charisma, personality, complexities ,
Can not be captured in one poem,
So all i can do now is bow to them,
well woman are a species, no one can fathom!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


another week went by and still not proceeded much for my research project..with the review date closing in on march3rd/4th, its giving me jitters!!
well that apart, the video magazine work went on well for the third edition...had load of fun doing that but not its become monotonous....its taking up so much of time that there is no time to do anythings else....so i plan to take a break from it...but let see...i cant shy away from duty tooo..buoy that was something heavy!!!hehe..
anyhow, as for the sisters wedding, the guest lists are ready and the budget(ofcourse with me around there is evry possibility of exceeding it...!!!hehe just kiddding..me a good planner!!)
thats it for now...wanted to keep this post short and sweet as i have to rush to college now...blogging ha become quite addictive so i just had to jott down somethingonmy dear darling blog...
now am offfffffffff to college after a day off!!!
hope to find and do something interesting and fun today!!
heres for a happy day!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years. ~Simone Signoret
Well its that time of the year when u see celebrations in almost evry nook and corner of Chennai...the wedding season..
and not far behind in the league is my family...
yes ...my sister's marriage...
after a year long of talks and discussions, its finally time to implement PROJECT MARIAGE!!!
It feels as though it was just yesterday i was giggling in the house playing arnd with her, bugging her by pulling her long platues..and now bang to the present...she is getting married wither this june or august...the date is yet to be finalised as she and her hubby to be, have to fly down from USA .But am all smiles as yestrday it was finalised that it wud be anytime between june and august..
now i have all the more work!!!as am going to be the wedding planner of sorts for her...
my beloved sister...3 and a half years older than i , yet i feel she like my baby sister for i am gonna plan evrything.!!!
its an occasion where the entire family coms together and cherishes teh bind of togetehrness as ours is a very close knit family...where no one is a guest...evrybody is family...aunts uncles cousins...
so evrybody is looking forward to this fun filled gala time ahead...
until then...its show time for me ma and dad...!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

uneventful day

today me home all day..doing nothing..just lying on my bed..and gazing at the stars stuck on my ceiling and reminiscing abt what all has happened in my life so far...
lousy day..lousy mood..
in company of my favourite songs..
relaxing away to glory


today was a tiring day..not because of work but because of the lack of sleep...teh whole of last week i spent working on my feature...and now again this week the work for the next edition has begun and also i am fced with my project 1st review..gawddddd. on top of that i gotta organize a workshop for my department..an added responsibility...how i wish i wasnt forced into being a representatiove...its has both pros and cons i tell u..!!!
in any case..today was a dull day for me..i was hurt by a dear friend of mine ...and wen i am down..nothing works in my favour i feel...i continue to work liek a machine..mechanical thast all..with no feell...but sometimes i deliver the best under stressed conditions...today was a day to sit back and relax and think abt my future goals...as from tommorrow onwards begins anotehr hectic phase...here are the list of things i gotta do(i always have had a habit of jotting down things to do..well that way i am prety organised and a good planenr...hehe):
*project review
*gateway awards
*website building
*meet up with friends before they pass out of colleeg this year
buoy my hands are full..am totally tied down.. but yet my old usual self and spirit is all geared up to finsih all the tasks in no time..!!
my heart doesnt wanna work, but my mind says i have to..in tis battle , my mind wins as always...
but my heart has no mood or intention to do anything...just lie down under the night sky and gaze at the stars...atleast thats free of cost!!heeh

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well today was the screening of our second edition of ENLIGHT.. and hmmm there was the mark of humour, constructive criticism and appreciaction!!
yes, our stories were scrutinised from a renowned person from the media who has had 10 yeard of experience in the print as well as electronic medium , most importantly for me, he has worked in Ndtv for 4 years!!his scrutiny was welcome as we got ibjective and good comments from him unlike peple who just come for the sake of it and say it was good just to please us..
and i am very happy today as the feature which i did that was on public interest litigationfiled by a differently abled person on the MTC, was well appreciated for the piece to camera i gave, the research done and few visuals...
so it was a good learning experience too as he told us how a particular story should be covered..the visuals, the scripting, the editing..covering all the aspects of doing a feature..
all in all it was an enriching experience and gave me immense happiness and pleasure after getting good review on my repoting and presentation skills from a learned and ezperienced person like him. i am happy as i never had total confidence in my capabilities but now i know and belive in myself and i can do a lot more to improve my skills!!!
so heres raising a toast to me!!


The wind caressed her gentle face,
She sat near the sea shore, at a deserted place,
Solitude was her only companion,
Her life full of compassion..

She knew no bounds to love and care,
Trusting people easily, left her in despair,
Tormented by the relentless ordeals,
She was shattered and her wounds would never heal,

But just then she heard a faint voice, a voice from within,
That life was to move on and not for cribbing and crying,
The undying love and compassion must go on,
For there are millions- orphaned children,helpless women waiting for her to come along,
So there she rose like a phoenix from its ashes,
Above her sorrows,her heartache, to go places,
Breaking free from the chains of grief,
She now had to let go of her belief,
that life was not all bed of roses,
failures,hurdles and sorrows, all came in different phases...

She waits for what life has in store,
until then she lives with the pain bestowed upon her for sure,
She hopes to resolve the conflict within,
and asks thy self, is love such a big sin?

She stands tall as a fighter,
Determined to win like a knight in shining armour,
She craves for the happiness that has bereaved her,
and fears it may not be anywhere near,

She longs to be cared and desires for someone to rely upon,
and until then the show must go on and on and on...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well,the day of shooting dawned,i was all set with the armaments required ...hmm my first enemy lay within me..THE SLEEPING cells in my body!!
yes i had to fight sleep.get up as early as 5(which is in the usual days midnight for me!!..so in theory i was burning the midnight oil when repoting ...haha) to enter the battlefield of reporters to cover the chennai marathon at ELLIOT'S beach with my favourite armament..my favourite HC40E sony video camera..lol sounds like name of a complex machine eh?
i went there expecting a crowd of press and media..but to my surpse..we that is me and my friend were the only people as ppl from the press...yes we wore the t-shirts exclusive meant for meia persons and buoy wt effect it had on ppl arnd...right from police personnels to the organisers of the chennai marathon filled us in with updates..the number of runners..who's leading wts, gonna happen next...actually elliot's beach happened to be the turn around place of the marathon..that is from there the runners headed back to the labour statue at marina wr the marathon began, for the finishing line!!
anywyas back to my first experience of covering a live event liek this... we had a team of 7 ppl covering this event at various locations in chennai..two persons at a location each...my friends were at marina and i with another friend at elliots..and we commnicated with each other using the boon to amnkind..our MOBILES...and spoke to each other with cameras rolling as though we were talking to a person in the studio!!!lol..and ofcourse we were quiet convincing too,....
i enjoyed reporting live..well aprt from the occasions falterings and fumblings...i mangaed it pretty well..
after finishing our job at elliot's beach..me and my friend headed off to marina beach to meet our other friends and to our amazement and surprise...the man in lead in the chennai men's marathon was running besides our car...so we captured his winning stretch on our camera , much to our contentment!!
after that we spent time at the finish line trying to get video bytes of the winners and then covering a whole lot of activities tehre. then teh entire team gave aan enduing shot on camera all enthusiatic and happy at covering the event and our first live assignment as electronic media

well, as someone great nicely said,
running is like life,its quite a distance, but well worth it..
today, a small incident made me realize that life is to move on and not harp on the past...i have been living in the past glory and memories..but its time for me to wake up from my dreams and face the reality..no one waits for anyone..one has to be on one's own and make it till its end..survival,thats the word we all live by...NO MATTER T HAPPENES, I WILL SURVIVE...thats the human spirit.
its easier said than done, but i hope to make it to the end soon...all by myself!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


well they say run a mile to keep the smile!!!i am all set to cover the chennai marathon at Elliots beach for our video magazine ENLIGHT!!! i am surely gobnna be enlightened..(a)en-lightened..coz its gonna be in the wee hrs of morning..5/6:00a.m and thats actually midnight for me!!!!lolol(b) there ppl taking part in this marathon who gonna be supporting a cause..so i will surely be enlightened!!!
well i better hit the bed else wud be participating in the sleeping marathon!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Menander of Athens ..."He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor."
Well rightly said so...today was a out an out hectic day..right from 8:00 in the morning to 8:30 in the night!! working hard as ever..trying to meet deadlines...now i understand the meaning of pushing deadlines to death...hehehehehe...
there i was sitting in teh comp lab in teh dept editing away a story during the course of which i faced all the hurdles possible..first the footage wudnt digitize properly..then the voice over...man....at the end of the day it was a troublesome and tiresome day!!
not to forget the amt of fun we had laughing at each other's works in the lab..esp one of my friends cute voice over..
well surely it was tougher time coming back home as i cudnt find an auto and moreso finding a good auto driver(one who is not drunk at that time!!!buoy very difficult to find) and finally after a desparate wau for 10 mintues in front of teh college gate i finally found a decent auto fella and quickly jumped into it as though it was james bonds's personal car...fellnot to mention teh speed at which he drove gave me a feel of going in a ferraari esp when traversing the two wheelers paths!! finally i was happy to reach home in one piece and alive!!
i just gobled my food as though i had never seen food before and then again got back to work after watching tv for a lil while..and yes the serial belonging to teh k brigade and i make no qualms abt saying that i do enjoty watching kasaiti of the k brigade as its mere entertainment..no matter wt ppl wthink abt it!!
and now again her ei am meeting my dear online diary!!
well gotta go now as another hectic day awaits me..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


well, just day before yesterday i almost met with an accident and surely i would have met mother tereasa after that!!!luckily i was alive..but at that very moment, as people generally experience, my entire life flashed in my mind...
my childhood, adolescence, my days with my best pal shilpa in our apartment compound...taking a stroll or playing badminton...then my life at cllege..family friends..just abt evrything...its only then that i realised how precious life is...i realised i had so much more to do..so much more to say to some people around..at that moment i just wanted to do everyting that i wanted to or had ..i just wished i cud fly back in the past ad correct certain grave mistakes that i committed in life for which i suffered..times i wish i can relive..moments that i cud relive and make time stand still..freeze those moments with my loved ones...but hey..am i becoming too filmy...
ok lemme cut back to the present..here i am alive and kicking rather stretching in my chair in the middle of the night and hoping to achieve something in life and transform my dreams in to reality..my carreer my personal life..just abt evrything that i wish under the sun!!
i wanna live every moemnt and forget the past...well not the entire past...like the censor board erase the bad memories and just move on...live life to the fullest..well literaally and figuratively..heeh as my friends and family keep complaining abt my weight ..so i wanna eat well and keep my tummy full...although i dont diet, ppl feel i deliberately dont eat and buoy they taunt me and make me feel as though am anorexic which i am most certainly not..
well i am simply lavanya...haha
i wanna contribute more to the society...help the needy as my heart cries out to those underpriviledged ones wandering on the streets of chennai for food each time i see someone wasting food(i am sure many times my frends have cot me doing that...hehe!!) but nowadys i dont..i sincerely finish my lunch!!!
life is beautiful...themoral of the story is..live evry moment..let not failures discourage u and pull u down..let not tragedies sap off the liveliness and the essence of happiness outta u...afterall troubles and failures are part of evryones life...so y not beat it and get over it as soon as possibble like eating a whole large pizza when hungry!!!
shall end it with 2 lines from one of my favourites songs...
Life is a road and i wanna keep going,
love is a river and i wanna keep flowing....