Tuesday, August 02, 2005

hectic week!

well last week was one hell of a hectic week and the saga continues this week too with my internal assessments going on...well well more than that its just the other things that are going arnound in my class. well i have learnt one thing , being a class representative is like sitting on a bed of thorns...y??because one is in the line of fire from both ends...the class as well as the faculty!!!anyways leaving that apart its the planning for industrial visit that is also taking place side by side...well there is no consensus on the place yet and we have to go in mid september!!!
moreover our class is busy with making th eplacement brochure as we are the first batch of this integrated electronic media course!!!well hopely after the companies read it...we all lamd up in a job!
on top of all this, am worn out both physically and mentally...sapped off all the nergy...totally drained like the empty a4 size batteries...well that desribes me totally now ...hehe
rest in next