Tuesday, January 31, 2006


i am back after a loooooooooooooong time...whew..i used to maintain a regualr diary to capture my happy, sad,naugty moments in life and then i simply stopped keeping track!and then i found a new medium to record the events in my life and oops..i became lazy to do so!!
year 2006 ushered in a lot of hope and positive energy in me! except for certain events that totally took me by surprise..but hey life's like that aint it!??today was indeed a hectic day as got cot up with work relating the new video magazine that we as news production students launched..ENLIGHT!! AND buoy was i enlightened today abt various issues surrounding us!!we went to shoot at the chennai central..like two innocent souls we paraded the railway station to shoot the disable friendly coaches and well we(me and kaushi to be precise!) were suddenly caught off guard by a police personal who asked us y we were filmimg wt we were...and fell like FBI agents my friend flashed her id card only after which the poor guy's notion abt us was reafirmed that we were really two harmless souls and well duty asked us to meet the station master to get permission and more help on that!!wow that was surely a surprise!! well after this like good girls we turned to get out of the station after promising the guy that we wud meet the sation master and wallah..we ran as though we were running for our lives!!!
wait the comedy didnt end there..we also tried our leevl best to plat by the rules and seek permission to shoot inside the MTc bus and there again we scared the driver of the bus who at the mere mention of the word shooting got out of the bus and then was nowr to be seen..
so there again we resorted to our dear old method of a sting operation ...we got into a bus and like good law abiding citizens bought tickets all this while kept the camera rolling and atlast got the footage we needed...
it was a bliss to return to college and it was only then after recounting the entire shooting episode to our friends that we had a good laugh on it..and promised myself never to carry out a sting operation...but hey promises are meant to be broken isnt it!!!
well after this eventful day i thought i could finally get down to updationg my blog and so here i am doing just wt is needed at the end of a tiring yet exciting day!!
well troubles have always surrounded me..heeh sometimes i feel trble was my second name..but hey lifes like that..ups and downs..life goes on...
as the saying in showbiz goes..
the must go on!!!