Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random thoughts

Dear Me!!
Been long since i entered something in my blog...and well now have so much in mind that i chose to get it all out on my blog...
hmm i have ppl making funof the number of spelling mistakes i make on my space..i dont wish to use a spellchk here...for once i dont want to follow the god damn rules...!!..yes i spell 'the' as teh..yes i spell "like" as wt...its just my blog space not an official website!!
hmm..trh are so many things to talk about..
first i am happppppy..elated..on cloud 9 to se saurav dada back in the team...and in brialliant form...wt i admire about saurav is is fightng a captain he was brilliant..motivated the team..he had that kilelr instinct that drive..that zest to win..which i feel rahul dravid lacks...hmm well some ppl will hard to believ that i have said this abt i am a total dravid fan..still..i prefer ganguly as the captain anyday...I felt sorry for ganguly..did he really need to have faced so much humiliation..and yet that man came back and buoy wt comeback...
ok i am not the typical coach i believ a coach is not the only person to be blamed for a teams loss in a match/tournament...but wt chappel did to ganguly is something i still dont understand..may be its all a media coked up story..things blown outta proportion or wteevr..but i somehow feel..the indian team has lost its lustre since chappel took over as coach..may be i am wrong..but thats wt i feel..i may not be well versed with teh fine nuances of the game..but i can definitely comemnt on wt i feel..i am passionate abt cricket..i may not be an expert at this game..i may not know the rule book...but i am a cricket aficionado! ilove the game..and i cant express my jo and happiness and wt i felt wen i saw the one day match ..india vs wst indies at chepauk first time at a one day match..and buiy did i enjoy it...the was fun..even thiugh we lost it..the joy of watching the match with so many cricket lovers was an experince i can not forget!!!
ok now moving away from regular classes..this sem is only for project and boredom and frustration is setting in...i m a person who has always kept myself busy with something or the otehr..if nothing just plain hanging out with just sitting at home..trying to a project half heartedly is just not my cup of tea..evryday i get up and make a promise to myself to spend it in a productive way..but no avail..the moment i see the same walls ..same curtains..same computer..same tv and the same god damn room...boredom sets in!!and ic ant think of anything else...moreover..i am atthis crucial stage of my life wr i have to decide my future...i hate it wen thr is so much pressure..societal pressure more so...evry otehr uncle or aunt u meet..all have the same question..."WHAT U PLAN TO DO NOW??..AFTER COLLEGE WHAT? JOB..CAMPUS PLACEMENTS....and buo sometimes i feel i shud just play them a recoreded message from a dictaphone...
its not their fault ..but just that soemtims these qustions just make me feel i still do not know wt i want ..wr i wanna work..and though am a planenr..pretty wel organised etc..but wen it comes to the question of have no accurate answers...i wanan be liek a free bird...just follow the not want to think too much in advance..take each day as it comes....still..i just want to be left alone and make it on my own..i wanna choose my own path..if i have to face failure..thats fine..i wanna go my way ..fall down..and rise..and get back on track..atleast i want a chance to explore..and luckily i have supportive parents..!!
hmm wt else..i thot this semester will be one where i get to enjoy the most in my after 2 months..all us collegians will be out ..all set to ente the corporate world and get dragged intot the busy life...wr we wudnt have time for each other..yes wteever ppl say or talk of hanging out even after college..doesnt really materialise ..ofcourse trh are afew exception..i have friends with whom i have been in touch despite the distance..and years..

i felt sad wen my favourite news channel..ndtv came out with a campaign to highlight teh state and plight of anganvaadis in the state of UP..sad y??because the title of the prog is REPUBLIC OF this wt we are portraying to the world?? then y do we complain wen foreigners say go back tot he slums...ok we cant shy awa from the reality and fact that still a majority of our population is below poverty line..but its high time wr w have some postive depeiction of pur country as well..i am not saying that we are not doing thta..but this whole media affair needs a face lift!!..yes..a drive to empower the millions thru its reach..motivate and not sadden and reality but at teh same time balance it out with some feel good stories..afterall if u inspire the masses..u wud definitely see a revolution taking pace and see a new india we are proud INDIA wr we wud want our children and grandchildren growing up(and not runt o the west for a betetr lifestyle!!!)...i am hopeful that a day will come wen ppl from otehr countries wud come to INDIA ins earch of a betetr life..good prospects and a comfortable life...yes that day will surely come..!
talking of media..i saw w the people today..the topic was creativity vs control..well i admire barkha and am a big fan of hers..but off late i feel she has staretd imposing her views on ppl ratehr than giveng ppl th room to express tehir thought and views...i say so after watching a couple of her "we the ppl" episodes..thr was one wr ppl wr debating abt a similar topic..abt mf hussains controvery of drawing hindu god/goddesses in the nude...she went all out to impose her views!!!
well coming to my opinion..even though i am an atheist(yeah laugh all u want)..i totally am against MF hussains paintings ..yes we talk abt freedom of expression..yes he has evry right to express himself..but wt angers me is the fact that he do so to be in create controversy...yeah..wen a panelist in the show made a similar comment..barkha asked the question..that how can we be so sure thta he does so for contrvery.a.nd that its not his creative mind..well for the mere fact that he choses only hindu gods and knowing that it will become a huge controversy he continues to draw them..without feeling even a n iota of not all sections of the society is enlightened enuf to "UNDERSTAND HIS ART"//....wen our country is plagued by many problems..even that of caste and religious issues..y does he have to make life even more miseravle for otehrs...i agree he is a free spirit..has evry right to do wt he wants..and i respect that..but do we really need a controversy at this crucial juncture in INDIA's history...and even the media is to be blamed...wen we have farmer suiced increaing by the day..ppl not receiving even the basic amenities such as food and water..dowry we really need to watch news abt MF HUSSaIN?????????

now thr are so many more issues i want talk abt..but right now i gotta retire to bed..not coz i am sleepy...but my dear mother prefers me sleeping than "WASTING TIME" on the internet and spoiling my halth by sleeping late...even though i have not much to do tom..and the fact thati can sleep happily tom till late int he afternoon...i am too lazy to argue..and anywyas..parents know wts best for u...
so i wud just end with a postive quote(..all this to avoid getting frustrated coz of this unusual and boring phase in life and to keep me motivated!!!)

"Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on."
-Iyanla Vanzant