Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"I" a simple letter but has a whole lot of significance, importance, meaning attached to it..and yeah whatevr u can think of...
"I"am great, "i "will do this.."i" dont like this" i" want to achieve this,
"i"really love this...well wherever u go "I " follows!
and really everything int his world revolves just around this "I".One doesnt want to be late to
the office y?coz "I "dont want to be marked late, lose a day's pay, be shouted at bythe bos...etc etc..
I want to do makes me feel happy...

george bush:I want to declare war on iraq...y? coz i feel the need..i think they are in possession of chemical and biological weapons...and i want to get control over their oil that i make my party happy and i continue to be teh president of the united states of america..

"I" care a damn about what means i adopt to succeed in life...even if it means pulling anotehr person down...crushing him/her under my feet...

"I" want to donate blood so that i could be of some help to someone in that ultimately..."I" feel happy...

"I" will study hard so that i get a good college to pursue my education and achieve my that "I" am happy

"I" will sacrifice my love for my parents so that they are happy and "i" am contented if they are happy..
"I" will let go of thee if thee feels happy without me..

"I" will expose criminals through sting operation as well as indulge in character assasination of ppl by carrying out sting operation about public figures's private lives , and gossip balout ppl's affairs as i want to mint money..

"I" will build a cancer hospital so that research is done on it and someday a cure is found for it which would wipe tears off dejected faces...cancer patients and those affected by their near and dear one being diagnosed of cancer...and those who have lost someone dear to the cadaverous cancer..

mother tereasa:"I"will dedicate myself to care for the ppl uncared for...longing for love and affection...render selfless service...

"I" hate you
"I" love you
"I" care a damn