Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The greatest family get together of 2008!!!!

The greatest trip of 2008 that we took! An unforgettable family get together of the Rajagoplans and extended family!
Started with a road trip from bangalore to Thalakadu which is 150 kms from Bangalore city. We landed at the resort called Jaladhama. The resort was like an island and we had to take a ferry to reach it.
Well i did wanted to write a nice piece on our trip full of memeorable and interesting anecdotes, - a nice travelogue..but well well..kya karen time nahin as of now..and as they say pictures speak louder than words...here are few pics from the memorable trip

Cowboy and his babe..well they also happen to be my parents!

ennada raaascalaaan...mind it!

Chooo cute!!!
21st century ke bhai bahin!

Thats called taming the wild men or should i say domesticity?!!

The Rocking gang!

ahem..ahem..well what shall i say..some die hard fans of mine!


Yeh jeevan hai

I wake up every morning with hope and faith. Faith that this world will be a better place to live, hope that there will brighter days to cope. There are days when am just overwhlemed by the gallantry act of men in uniform. But alas, am forced to see their tacky act of beating a hapless 6 year old girl child accused of stealing a meagre sum of Rs 230. The story seems ot be running on the ever-hungry-for-news-self-proclaimed heroes aka- desi robin hood 24X7 news channels. I do not know if its a citizen journalist story or an original 'masterpiece' of the channel, but what i do know is thatthe act was shameful, both of the policeman and the one filming. I know the same old rhetoric of 'what-can-a-comman-like me do to stop such ghastly acts, when the god damn people entrusted with duty of our security are breaching all possible laws of the land. For them i can only say, if it were yiur own kith and kin? would you have had second thoughts to act?
I know its easy to say than act upon the same and i, like many others would just go about ranting about the incident and then move on in life. At this point in time i just get reminded of the movie 'A wednesday' that i saw recently. That taught me the power within a common man. Well ofcourse i do not mean to take the extremist route of planting bombs or black mailing the authorities or take laws into hand liek the central character in the movie, Naseerudinshah does, but all i am saying is that it inspired me to play an active role in a democracy. It need not be a big step but a small one. It could be treating our housemaids with respect, respecting our parents and taking care of them in their old age the same way they took care of us, not littering the roads or peeing on roads, so on and so forth. A small effort by each one would add up to be a huge force that could rid us of some evils and problems prevalent in the society.
Its been long since i blogged and though i have been wanting to blog on so many things under the some, right from the mumbai attacks, the attrocious quality of our news channels to the developments in my life,i finally got down to blogging. (Shall try to be regular from now on. )Anyhow, what triggered me to write was this very god damn incident that was aired on the news channels.
But having said all that i said, people like Mother teresa, Muhammad Yunus and recently the book " A thousand splendid suns" are compelling me to keep my faith alive and hope for a brighter tomorrow, a better world to live, a beautiful path to tread and a wonderful journey to embark upon....

with hope and faith & love

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random thoughts

Dear Me!!
Been long since i entered something in my blog...and well now have so much in mind that i chose to get it all out on my blog...
hmm i have ppl making funof the number of spelling mistakes i make on my blog..well...my blog..my space..i dont wish to use a spellchk here...for once i dont want to follow the god damn rules...!!..yes i spell 'the' as teh..yes i spell "like" as lkie..so wt...its just my blog space not an official website!!
hmm..trh are so many things to talk about..
first i am happppppy..elated..on cloud 9 to se saurav dada back in the team...and in brialliant form...wt i admire about saurav is is fightng spirit..as a captain he was brilliant..motivated the team..he had that kilelr instinct that drive..that zest to win..which i feel rahul dravid lacks...hmm well some ppl will hard to believ that i have said this abt dravid..as i am a total dravid fan..still..i prefer ganguly as the captain anyday...I felt sorry for ganguly..did he really need to have faced so much humiliation..and yet that man came back and buoy wt comeback...
ok i am not the typical coach basher..as i believ a coach is not the only person to be blamed for a teams loss in a match/tournament...but wt chappel did to ganguly is something i still dont understand..may be its all a media coked up story..things blown outta proportion or wteevr..but i somehow feel..the indian team has lost its lustre since chappel took over as coach..may be i am wrong..but thats wt i feel..i may not be well versed with teh fine nuances of the game..but i can definitely comemnt on wt i feel..i am passionate abt cricket..i may not be an expert at this game..i may not know the rule book...but i am a cricket aficionado! ilove the game..and i cant express my jo and happiness and wt i felt wen i saw the one day match ..india vs wst indies at chepauk stadium...my first time at a one day match..and buiy did i enjoy it...the crowd..it was fun..even thiugh we lost it..the joy of watching the match with so many cricket lovers was an experince i can not forget!!!
ok now moving away from cricket...college...mmm..ahhhmmmmm..hmmm..yes..no regular classes..this sem is only for project and boredom and frustration is setting in...i m a person who has always kept myself busy with something or the otehr..if nothing just plain hanging out with frinds...so just sitting at home..trying to a project half heartedly is just not my cup of tea..evryday i get up and make a promise to myself to spend it in a productive way..but hmm..to no avail..the moment i see the same walls ..same curtains..same computer..same tv and the same god damn room...boredom sets in!!and ic ant think of anything else...moreover..i am atthis crucial stage of my life wr i have to decide my future...i hate it wen thr is so much pressure..societal pressure more so...evry otehr uncle or aunt u meet..all have the same question..."WHAT U PLAN TO DO NOW??..AFTER COLLEGE WHAT? JOB..CAMPUS PLACEMENTS....and buo sometimes i feel i shud just play them a recoreded message from a dictaphone...
its not their fault ..but just that soemtims these qustions just make me feel dejected.as i still do not know wt i want ..wr i wanna work..and though am a planenr..pretty wel organised etc..but wen it comes to the question of future..career..i have no accurate answers...i wanan be liek a free bird...just follow the win..do not want to think too much in advance..take each day as it comes....still..i just want to be left alone and make it on my own..i wanna choose my own path..if i have to face failure..thats fine..i wanna go my way ..fall down..and rise..and get back on track..atleast i want a chance to explore..and luckily i have supportive parents..!!
hmm wt else..i thot this semester will be one where i get to enjoy the most in my life..as after 2 months..all us collegians will be out ..all set to ente the corporate world and get dragged intot the busy life...wr we wudnt have time for each other..yes wteever ppl say or talk of hanging out even after college..doesnt really materialise ..ofcourse trh are afew exception..i have friends with whom i have been in touch despite the distance..and years..

i felt sad wen my favourite news channel..ndtv came out with a campaign to highlight teh state and plight of anganvaadis in the state of UP..sad y??because the title of the prog is REPUBLIC OF HUNGER....is this wt we are portraying to the world?? then y do we complain wen foreigners say go back tot he slums...ok we cant shy awa from the reality and fact that still a majority of our population is below poverty line..but its high time wr w have some postive depeiction of pur country as well..i am not saying that we are not doing thta..but this whole media affair needs a face lift!!..yes..a drive to empower the millions thru its reach..motivate and not sadden and discourage...show reality but at teh same time balance it out with some feel good stories..afterall if u inspire the masses..u wud definitely see a revolution taking pace and see a new INDIA..an india we are proud of..an INDIA wr we wud want our children and grandchildren growing up(and not runt o the west for a betetr lifestyle!!!)...i am hopeful that a day will come wen ppl from otehr countries wud come to INDIA ins earch of a betetr life..good prospects and a comfortable life...yes that day will surely come..!
talking of media..i saw w the people today..the topic was creativity vs control..well i admire barkha and am a big fan of hers..but off late i feel she has staretd imposing her views on ppl ratehr than giveng ppl th room to express tehir thought and views...i say so after watching a couple of her "we the ppl" episodes..thr was one wr ppl wr debating abt a similar topic..abt mf hussains controvery of drawing hindu god/goddesses in the nude...she went all out to impose her views!!!
well coming to my opinion..even though i am an atheist(yeah laugh all u want)..i totally am against MF hussains paintings ..yes we talk abt freedom of expression..yes he has evry right to express himself..but wt angers me is the fact that he do so to be in news..to create controversy...yeah..wen a panelist in the show made a similar comment..barkha asked the question..that how can we be so sure thta he does so for contrvery.a.nd that its not his creative mind..well for the mere fact that he choses only hindu gods and knowing that it will become a huge controversy he continues to draw them..without feeling even a n iota of responsibilty...now not all sections of the society is enlightened enuf to "UNDERSTAND HIS ART"//....wen our country is plagued by many problems..even that of caste and religious issues..y does he have to make life even more miseravle for otehrs...i agree he is a free spirit..has evry right to do wt he wants..and i respect that..but do we really need a controversy at this crucial juncture in INDIA's history...and even the media is to be blamed...wen we have farmer suiced increaing by the day..ppl not receiving even the basic amenities such as food and water..dowry daths..do we really need to watch news abt MF HUSSaIN?????????

now thr are so many more issues i want talk abt..but right now i gotta retire to bed..not coz i am sleepy...but my dear mother prefers me sleeping than "WASTING TIME" on the internet and spoiling my halth by sleeping late...even though i have not much to do tom..and the fact thati can sleep happily tom till late int he afternoon...i am too lazy to argue..and anywyas..parents know wts best for u...
so i wud just end with a postive quote(..all this to avoid getting frustrated coz of this unusual and boring phase in life and to keep me motivated!!!)

"Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on."
-Iyanla Vanzant

Monday, October 23, 2006

He is the man of my dreams,
He is the most handsome and intelligent man i have ever seen,
He is the kindest of all,
He is the BEST..and he is noneother than my grandpa!!!
Yes, not a single day goes without me thinking about him!!I have longing to write about him for quiet sometime..and today i got the oppurtunity..when i am a little relaxed...Almost for 20 years i was fortunate to have him by my side, to guide me, to be loved and cared for.
My grandpa was , is and shall always be the hero of my life!!A great man, extremely intelligent-he was a scientist..worked in planning commission..he has been so helpful to evryboday around him!
Till date evrybody remebers him for his kindness and warmth that he spread wreevr he went.Even my maternal granmother keeps talkng abt him, how he treated her as his sister and nott he typical sambandhi types, visiting them whenever he cud, attending all the family function!he neevr missed any even though we wud all ask him not to travel alone coz of his age...he was the man of principles and lived life to the fullest.
Since my childhood, he has taken care of me.Mom is a teacher and dad an engineer.Mom and i wud come back from school around the same time(2:30)..and thr grandpa wud have kept the lucnh ready for us both..for me he wud hav already kept sambar rice, curd rice etc..ready in the plate..all i had to do was wash up and eat!!!he even used to spoon fed me on few days..
he held our familt together..my athai chitappa dad..we wr lik one family..and still are thanks to grandpa..on all festive occasion our house wud be full of guests and ppl from from far away wud come to vist grandpa, just to get his blessing...our distant relation, dads friends, my friends..just about anybody and evrybnody!!
One eccentric characteristic of my grandpa which i can never forget is that even though we had a nice lil washing machine...he wud put his dhoti and all to the dhobhi,..whos used to come to ur house from dhobhi ghaat just for him!!!..our loyal old dhobi..buoy...even he wud never miss coming to our house thanks to granpda..grandpa wud pull his leg..talk to him as though he wr his buddy!..
and in our apartments.evrybody would wish him evrytime he went out for a walk .they wud stop by and talk to him..the watchman, mali, uncles aunties..evrybody!
almost evrybody in our family have been helped by him in somway or the other..be it for career gudance, jobs, fmily problems just baout evrything unde the son u can think of..
Few thing i can neevr forget..evryday he wud get by by 5..have his bed coffee that mom wud come and give in his room..then he wud keep ling on hi sbed and make sure he woke me up ontime for schooll..i used to sleep in his room most of the days..and my sis..
then he wud red the newspaper for sometime and then get up and made it a pount to help ma out in the morning!!!i dont know somhow i used to be amused at this.. beat ...once a scientist..a man who was once incharge of scientific projects for the benefit of the country..going about doing small chores in the kitchen in his cute lil costume--yeah..banyan and shorts!!!..hehe..just used tio love watching him taht time!!
for him my dad was still his 5 year old kid.
amma wud have finished making breakfast and lucnh and would pack her's mine and my sister's lunchboxes to be taken to school and sometimes for dad too but that was left to grandpa as he enjoyed doing that!!dad wud go drop me and sis to bus stop an later mom to school as itw as close by...
by the time he wud return, grandpa wud be busy packing his sons lunchbox..he wud mix rasam and rice in perfect proportion(yummmy!!)...mix curd rice..rich..full of creamy curd and milk..(by the way his way of making curd rice is so popular in the rajagopalans family that till date we all remember the taste and try to make it his style!!) i wud oftentease my dad nd call him a spoilt brat as even in his middle age, he old fatehr wud pack his lunch..for me that was amusing!!!i thot its hud be teh otehr way round..
but na grandpa loved doing it...and once when my maternal grandparents wr home and grandma asked y he did that for his don still and asked if she cud pak, he wud say,...na my sons still doesnt know all this..he wudnt eat properly if he himself packed it and that he was used to someone doing this for him since chilhood!!..man..comedy..my dad used to laugh at this..but hey it was fun watching grandpa!!
till today my mom keeps saying that she is blessed to be married int o this family and to have grandpa asher fatehr in law whi int he true sense was liek a father to her..he neevr treated my mom any separate from his own children..infact he wud help her in running the house..actually more than my fater, it was grandpa whi wud contribute int he running of the house...mom and grandpa wud sit down and make the lits of things to be bot brom departmental store...then he wud check the billone amazing this that i must tell is that he never used a calculator!!!!!!..even for the long list of almost a 100 items..he wud manually do the calculations..he nver used a calculator and his calculation wud be perfect!!!!!buoy...i think at 70 i wud be senile and wont be able to count even from 1 to 50!!
welll..i can go on and on abt him..he has been a great influence in my life and many otehrs....he sttill lives in our hearts...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gandhi to me...

Well evrybody has of late started to becoming obsessed with the father of our nation..Mohandas karamchandra gandhi...
Well am not here to rant about how great he was and teh bla bla..all that has been already done...i wanna talk abt what gandhi is for me...instead i am here to talk about what GANDhi (ji) means to me.
Here,I would like to quote what a wise man once said..."GANDHI TO ME IS A CONCEPT".
Btw me and the wise man who made this statmnt(quote) have had differences of opinion about the very man , the father of the nation.Like most indians, i too respect the man who was instrumental in getting us our independence.Well, here i must admit that i was(and i think i am) angry with the mahatma for what happened to bhagat singh and co..after he signed teh IRWIN pact..
I resepct gandhi ji for the fact that he belived in the power of the common man...he preached to be self-reliant, confident and never to fear if one knew one was right.This iss osmething that really struck me..never to fear when one is right and have tried to live by this. yes i say tried because on many instances i have had to react the otehr way..meaning scared even when i was right!!.and more than scared angry that i couldnt do anything abt it even though i knew i was and cud speak out!..
anyways, coming back to the topic..GANDHI..his ideals and principles have what have made me admire him rather than he being instrumental in ousting the british empire from India.
He taught people to be determined, patient and focussed when achiving a goal..same thing when i apply to my life..helps me achive things in life that i have aimed for..and hopefully should continue to do so..!
well on that positive note i shall end my post as i gotta rush to do some work...
rest in next

Friday, September 01, 2006


ON a tv show, a freedom fighter, a tv news reporter and a politician in the year 2006!

FREEDOM FIGHTER(F)::India is my mother land.I can do anything for my country.I can die for my country.
REPORTER(R):But sir can u sing for your country?
R:I mean teh national song sir
F:Ofcourse..."Vande mataram...sujalaam sufalaaam"
R:ah..sorry to interrupt You sir, currently there seems to be a lot of controvery surrounding this song.i cant let the rendition of this go on air sir.
F:What?controvesy..but Vande mataram till date, has been the national mantra describing the love of the patriots for our motherland India.
R: hmm..in that case u can sing the remix version of it sir..or the A.R rahman version of it..so it will pass off as entertainement..
F:What?u want me to sing the remix version with all those poor anorexic girls dancing rather jumping around, dressed in bare minimum ,the way our antecedents.. did when they first discovered how to make cloth...Oh my GOSH...wr is this country heading...
teh land of bhagat singh, subhash chandra bose, land of the mahatma..
R: AH sir u forgot rakhie sawant sir..
F: WHO?oh is she a freedom fighter too?
R: ..AH well u can say that sir..she fights for the freedom of item girls from being harassed by the Mikas...oh sir she is so ggreat so divine liek..so...(interrupted by politician)
POLITICIAN(P):Jai hind....namaskar goodevening people..I will eliminate poverty, i will give free ration to people below the poverty line.I shall eradicate corruption , the termite, eating teh society today and making it hollow...
i shall
F:Vande mataram, written by bamkim chandra chatetrjee, was the national cry for freedom from British oppression during the freedom movement. ..

R:excuse me sir , this not your election rally but a set for our talk show "India 270"on our 24/7 news channel ABCDE..."You give us high trps, we give you masala news for free"
(in the background)...F:Vande mataram ..sujalaam sufalaam..malayaja...
P:Oh is that so...ok ok..u see am so busy these days that its difficult to rem where i have to be , especially after these taxing long trips abroad..you know all for the development of the country..
R:Yes sir.. yes sir..sir today we are gong to talk about the controversy surrounding the national song VANDE MATARAM
P: yes yes...our national song..something all indians must be proud of...u see we are discussing the issue and matter will be taken up in the parliament next session...(and not to mention tea coffe..snacks..hotel accomodation..guest houses...air fare..how can we not waste teh tax payer's money??)
R:(Karan thapar style)Sir are u by any chance sugegsting that India will enforce this draconian law?isnt it against the very princples of democracy?It violates teh article 28 of the indian constitution which forbadeS any eductaional institution funded by the state govt from forcing certain religious preachings...
P:Yes yes we are aware of all this.At this point i would only request the fellow citizens to refrain from any kinda violence(...HAHA PLS RESORT TO VIOLENCE SO THAT I CAN MINT MORE MONEY IN THE scams AND GHOTALAS in providing compensation to the riot victims!!..)
F:(by this time all angered by the politicians ambiguous remarks):OOdi baba...its a national song...why so much fuss over it...why does the govt need to pass a bill on making it mandatory for all to sing...why mix religion with patriotism...the constitution recognises the first two stanzas of the song which does not have anything pertaining to religion..then y put doubts in the minds of the innocent citizens of this beuatiful country..who fought against the mighty british with the force of unity...y divide them on this..jai hind...vande mataram
P:Arre sir ji cool down..we are yet to reach a consesnus on the issue..my friend Jlaloo is yet to return from his weekend resort at tihar...as soon as he comes we shall take a decision...
R:Minster sir...shudnt the govt be thinking of more useful and important things such as how to combat terrorism, employemnt for the youth, issue of increasing number of farmer suicides...
P:Yes yes..all this our party has been doing right form the time of its inception(how can u forget the food for oil scam...the..and all the scams that our party is known for..)..all these issues have been ignored by the opposition..they have ruined our country..shame on them...hail Z party!!
F:Vande mataram....karenge ya marenge...do or die...did i live this long to see our country break in to pieces liek this???did we fight for our freedom only to let go of it at the hands of party politics???shame on u
P:Arre sir...cool down...its not the x party...the Y party has proposed this...they are nothing but a party of corrupt politicians who empty teh gazana evrytime they come to power....i am telling u today..elect us next year around too and we will promise a 20% growth in all sectors...open the markets...improve standards of living of the people...and..
F:Arre u stop making big issues outta small moles!...half the battle is won...only wen u blow things outta proportion do things get outta hand...
practice ahimsa ,teh gandhian principle that will save teh world today...jai hind vande mataram....vande....
R:sir i am sorry but we need to go into a small break viewers stay tuned we will be right back after a short break(0f 5 ads!!!)...
(in the background....vande mataram vande mataram..vande mataram)
ad:"oh my god..poor girl...she has a dark complexion na..no suitable match
for her"
sound byte:papapapuppapaa....FAIR,LOuleeee! power!!!...see effect in 6 weeks
ooooohhhh..wt a lovely gal...groom from from America...
Girl:OH THANK U FAIR AND LOULEEEEE..u made my life!!!

R:welcome back to our show..(now taht we have pleased our sponsors..shown u a how to get a groom...how to wash clothes and brush ur teeth)We are in the last segment now..sir ji..ur final comments
F:vande mataram...vande matarm..i will sing this unto death..i will go on fast..give away the bharat ratna if needed...they dare not make an issue out of it...i dint fear fighting against the british..i shall not fear fighting now!!!vande mataram..vande mataram
P:We , the Z party, promise to take a good decison on this issue..the matter has been taken up by the supreme court...we shall abide by the ruling(...well laws are meant to be broken...supreme court rulings are meant not to be followed!!!)
I Ask with folded hands to the people of this coutry..not to indulge in violence..and request our muslim brothers to remain calm and not raise an alarm..
HIndu muslim bhai bhai...we a secular soverign state...(hmmm..another 100000 vites won from both communities!!!..)
R:ok viewers with this we have come to the end of our program..stay tuned for more such interesting, useful topics and (thus mint money with more such movie specials..bollywood unlimited!!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


"I" a simple letter but has a whole lot of significance, importance, meaning attached to it..and yeah whatevr u can think of...
"I"am great, "i "will do this.."i" dont like this" i" want to achieve this,
"i"really love this...well wherever u go "I " follows!
and really everything int his world revolves just around this "I".One doesnt want to be late to
the office y?coz "I "dont want to be marked late, lose a day's pay, be shouted at bythe bos...etc etc..
I want to do charity...it makes me feel happy...

george bush:I want to declare war on iraq...y? coz i feel the need..i think they are in possession of chemical and biological weapons...and i want to get control over their oil rigs..so that i make my party happy and i continue to be teh president of the united states of america..

"I" care a damn about what means i adopt to succeed in life...even if it means pulling anotehr person down...crushing him/her under my feet...

"I" want to donate blood so that i could be of some help to someone in need..so that ultimately..."I" feel happy...

"I" will study hard so that i get a good college to pursue my education and achieve my goal...so that "I" am happy

"I" will sacrifice my love for my parents so that they are happy and "i" am contented if they are happy..
"I" will let go of thee if thee feels happy without me..

"I" will expose criminals through sting operation as well as indulge in character assasination of ppl by carrying out sting operation about public figures's private lives , and gossip balout ppl's affairs as i want to mint money..

"I" will build a cancer hospital so that research is done on it and someday a cure is found for it which would wipe tears off dejected faces...cancer patients and those affected by their near and dear one being diagnosed of cancer...and those who have lost someone dear to the cadaverous cancer..

mother tereasa:"I"will dedicate myself to care for the ppl uncared for...longing for love and affection...render selfless service...

"I" hate you
"I" love you
"I" care a damn


Monday, June 26, 2006

MUSIC-My passion!

Yes music is one of passions..Personally i love classics...though i dont have much knowledge about the english classics..but if i get to hear them i enjoy it more than teh rock n roll the rap and other genres..Like most of the music lovers ion india..i love a.r.raman's music and offlate i have strated enjoying the music of teh famous trio shankar ehsaan loyas though its peppy..thanks to shankar their songs have a lil influence of indian classical music..especially carnatic....indian classical and western instruments..buoy an explosive combination..
But someho the presnt day music..exclusing teh few greats that we have..
The music today is too ephemeral to be captured in the pages of music history...very shallow indeed...no depth or meaning.

When i sit down to relax..or even while studying..i just put some oldies on my comp..manna dey or rd/sd burman songs and carry on with my work...it just gives me some kind of peace...it very refreshing just to even listen to these songs let alone sing..(which i do so in the cozy confines of my home and ya with the parallel track of my mother's woes of me not continuing to learn carnatic music...well had a stint at it for 6 years..and with utmost modesty..i was good..ratehr i am..but just that..the drive to go sit thru a class is not there..i prefer listening to the greats and learning on my own..!!)..well now that was quiet a digression...

coming back to the point...yes teh music tday...its a sore sightw hen i see ppl liek himesh reshmiya performing on a function like iifa awards which is a show basically to showcase indian cinema to the world...my heart ccrie when i see thatguy performong on stage in front of a global audience...ia m sorry all u himesh fans..

yeah his songs have been chartbusters and are a hit on the dance floor...but personally..i feel ..this guys is getting more than his shar eof media attention..for christ sake u call that a hit??...ok now let me now bash him too much..i feel he doesnt even deserve this much of my blog space( call me arrogant or wteevr).....
well music is persnal taste..and def for jhalak dikhlaja...or junoon are no wr close to teh evrygreen hits..of say teh moovie khatta meetha(//"kishore kumar's rolll roll...thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai....then songs of chupke chupke...mili...buoy teh list just goes on and on...!!)
well i just wann asay to ppl liek anu malik and himesh...music is just not abt making peppy numbers...or trying to remix or copy some english numbers and indianising it...
music is an art....if cant do justice to it..atleats dont insult it...!!..yeah yeah..i know tehse ar to strong an opinion..but hey i cant help it..

off late me been listening to more of oldies...so just cant listen to any of himesh's songs...ofcourse doesnt mena i dont enjoy the present day songs..but stillam quiet choosy and my heart is def inclinmed to wards..the classics...or teh ar.rahmans and shankar....
may there be more of good music...and heres wishing the music industry..more and more eternal..evergreen hits....liek those of the yore