Monday, April 24, 2006


The sun rose liek a mighty don,
Smiling, the grass lay like a lazy lad,
Caressed by the touch of the naughty dew,
Flowers blossomed ,their fragnance filling the air,
Trees swaying in the gentle breeze,
Alas the birds chirped and cheered,
Such was the beauty of the dawn..

Mesmerised by the sheer beauty,
I drifted far far away in my thoughts,
To the land of Elysium,
Where we walked hand in hand,
Thou grip soo strong,
Where happiness knew no bounds,
Where kindness, love and compassion was all around,
Where i sang and danced with joy,
Telling the whole world that i was happy,
And Where to love, was for eternity..

The songs in my heart are for thee,
The love in my heart is for thee,
To live with you is not my wish,
As even life comes to an end, Its Death, u cant miss,
Without thee, life's like a body without a soul,
To love thy, is my only goal..

The hours have passed by,
The sun has set,
The flowers have withered,
The birds cheer no more,
Dressed in black, has entered Dusk
As i realized,
The land of Elysium was too far away,
With fortitude in my soul,
And love in my heart,
I still wait in despair,
I do not know why....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Whats the big deal?

Yes thats the attitude i have for what i am gonna talk about..CASTE.
In the wake of the recent 27% reseravtion bill tahst being discussed and awaiting to be passed in the parliament, i can not but talk abt the very root cause of it ..CASTE.
Yes agreed teh lower castes were oppreseed int the past..yes agreed the govt needs o do something for the upliftment of the socially backward classes...but i really wonder...when one really wants to do something for ppl..does one ponder abt waht caste ppl belong to?
teh reservation system was introduced by mr.ambedkar in 1950 and was suposed to continue for 20 years as at that time..discrimination based on caste was rampant..
but the subsequent govts. kept extending the duration to play the dirty game of politics...
it was teh britishers who introduced teh indians to teh DIVIDE AND RULE policy..Well well, the britishers have left..but the policy is still religiously followed by our politicians..dividing people based on caste..just for getting votes...
but i wonder...are people so easily duped?hasn't the common man realised even now..after so many decades...after enduring hardship, pain and suffering coz of the political the form riots(godhra for eg)..? when will the common man rise above his own struggle for living and 'WHY SHOULD I BOTHER " attitude and stand up and say NO..NO more now..
ok i guess me getting to philosophical...
also. what botehrs me here staying in tamil the tam-brahmin bashing and suppression...i really dont't understand why shud one pay for the mistakes of one's ancestors...y shud there still be animosity and hatred harboured by few ppl agianst them...i myself have witnessed this kind of prejudice against really i am not here as the voice of brahmins or just expressing my views upon something that bothers me....
Why should we react in a way to teh cheap politics practiced by the bad politicians..
i really dream for an INDIA wr caste is not the basis of discrimination...and wr the education system in the country is free from the holds of caste based reservation ..
"Education is not the filling up of bucket but ligting of fire",this is one of my all time favourite quotes and i strongly feel that the fire must be lit in the young guns' minds, to achieve grt heights in life by empowering oneself with education and not teach them abt discrimination on teh basis of caste in the form of reservations which also, makes many think that its an easy option to succeed in life, rather than working hard for it..
I strongly feel, reservations based on caste must be done away with and the govt. must do the needful for the socially oppressed classes through its various programmes in the 5year plans..and also, help students with weak financial background
..RESERVATION BASED ON ECONOMIC CLASS and not CASTE which will solve the problem of uplifting the poor and the needy..
thats the BOTTOM LINE!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Lights, camera action!
These words are now familiar even to the journalists ..yes its the era of the "STING OPERATIONs"..
Almost evryday we get to see some sting operation or the other on leading news channels of the country...many to expose corruption but some just show some sleazy, sensual stuff to increase trp ratings...atleast many have the guts to claim that we give wt the audience wants!!!
is that so? i wonder..
well personally, my opinion is that the end justifies the means...meaning if the sting operation is carried out to expose corrupt officials and if the expose is beneficial to the public..for their good...y not???
but if the same is used to get juicy gossip abt private lives of public figures be it politicians or page 3 people..its nothing but yellow journalism which i feel is a disgrace and something that tarnishes the very image of a good free press that is considered to be the fourth pillar in a democracy like ours..
we need a free press to act as a watchdog..not to become entertainers...i look upto journalists like barkha dutt and christianne amrapour...but when i see few journalists..for the sake of money..selling something cheap and higly immoral to the makes me i really want to become a journalist who wud be merely a puppet at the hands of the advertisers??
take for example the video clippings of kareena kapoor-shahid kapoor kissing in public...i mean does it even bother me wt those ppl was a clear case of defamtion for those two celEbrities...and as someone rightly said.."IN INDIA ITS OK TO PISS IN PUBLIC BUT NOT to KISS IN PUBLIC!" so imagine the damge done to those two..not that i really care abt them ...and am not their fan!!but still ...their privacy was infringed upon and its something i cant tolerate...its against my principles!
so wr is this flurry of sting operations heading??

i mean cheers and kudos to tarun tejpal, editor of tehelka .com and his team of journalists..anirudh bahl..who exposed the corrupt politicains of our country..who are those shamelss creeps who didnt think even twice while finalising a defence deal..shame on them!
also the sting carried out by aaj tak to expose the flesh trade happening in many so called beauty a commendable exposed the entire racquet and thus saving many helpless girls from falling into the trap!

so all in all..sting operations are here to stay..but its the responsibilty of the journalists to use it for the good of the society and expose corrupption..and not just sell some cheap stuff!


HAVE u wondered how so many times u feel u gonna make it to ur destination, u face a dead end?
well its happened to me many a times..
just when i think am gonna reach my final destination i encounter a dead wr to to revert back..but reverting back is not that one moves forward with all the dreams and aspirations and hope in one's heart to reach wr one finally wanted...and then to encounter a dead end is something so unexpected and heartrending..
neverthe less..
u revert and try to find another way..
thats human try and try until u succeed..
and i always wonder why do we depend on others approval or look for approval for one's own actions and decisions..and y do we always bother as to what others are doing...and what they say
in the process we get misguided..mislead...and so we end up on the road that has a dead end!
so from my experience i have learnt..never to trust anyone else but oneself the most...ur conscience must be clear..and i follow my heart...and not depend on otehrs..
self-relienace my friends will take u to greater heights in life and let u achoeve what u always wanted...
self-reliance, confidence and perseverance...will make u come out in flying colours in life!



"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,the figure that she carries, or the way
she combs her hair...
true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes becausethat is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
The heart of a woman is what makes the world spin! "
-Author Unknown

These are a few verses from a beautiful poem i came across while surfing the net...
But today when i see the television or the big ad hoarding on the heart cries out for the woman folk! y?
coz they have been reduced to mere sexual objects - a product for consumoption by those watching the idiot box and those staring at the hoardings across cities.
take for instance the remix videos!
also,the other day, i came across a hoarding which was an ad for bathroom fitting(commods etc)...and with no connection whatsoever there was a picture of a very attractively dressed lady...
yeah rite the advertisers wud argue..wellits juts an ad and an ad has to catch the consumers's attention...well i say bull shit ....y shud women be used as mere sexual objects man?
again coming back toi tthe remix videos...its really disgusting and heart rending to see teh way woman are used for commercial gain..well i am not here to preach moral values but common i just cant see the dignity of woman going to the dogs.....many game shows these days just to use women(skimpilly dressed) boost their TRP rating ..utter nonsense..
All its heart rending to see women playingthe second fiddle to men..esp in sports...y arnt women sports as popular as men' sport...well reason media cares a damn...yes ours is a cricket crzy nation...but if so y not give ample coverage to women criket as well...y arnt the anju bobby georges getting many woman in sports have to have the hot, sexy look to get sponsors??does every sportswoman have to be ike sania mirza to get noticed?
the same is not the case with sportmen..then y woman are being targetted...dhoni with his unconventional looks gets enuf ads to have a good bank balance for next few years..well agredd that guy is a cracker on teh fields....but y not anju bobby george who has done our country proud by winning the bronze medal clearing 6.49 m at the 2002 Commonwealth Games at Manchester and also, the gold medal at the Asian Games in Busan!
Its high time women get recognised based on their intellect, ability and didligence than as mere beauty dolls and sexual objects!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here i am sitting in the cozy confines of my room, my own space in the house and in the entire universe.
I think and i think and i think....what?i really dont know exactly..but i am thinking something.Now when does one reallly think hard...when you have to solve a maths equation, faced by a real life problem, have to take a decision...well practically for doing anything we gottathink...ok this post is not to write an essay on what is the act of thinking...this is to write what i am thinking!!
hmmm..what am i thinking...i am thinking...hjow does one define happiness..?well to me happiness is getting what i want, doing what i like, loving people i care for the most, loving my parents, my dearest sister...and my entire KHAANDAAN...and grandpa..who though not with me now..lives in my thoughts, memories and his teachings ...which i won't forget my entire life and would pass on in legacy to my childen as well and ofcourse being loved back by and friends!
so it leads me to the question...when am i sad? when??? well am sad when am not happy..hehe..

i am sad when someone close to me hurts intent or unintentionally...but now i think...why should one be sad ever? we allow ourselves to be sad..means we allow ourselves to be hurt...ultimately it is the "I" that lets u become why shud i pay heed to certain mean, sad, distasteful things and allow being pulled down in spirits when i can feel happy and blessed with the brighter side...knowing that i am being loved by so many others!!
Well its easy to say that don't care..but ultimately, human psychology...we do care..we do bother and we do get what does one do...for me best is to cry over it whole heratedly once...and then just cheer up thinking of the best things in life that has happened to life is to move now now...i am not writing this in a sad dejected moood and to console myself...but i write after retrospection...and in well quite an ok mood..neither am i sad nor am i extremely was normal..yet an extremely tiring day i had!!doing my project work!
now coming back to the topic..I just don't want to attach to any sad.boring strings now..and feel light and happy as ever..
i am going to live by a quote of the father of our nation...mahatma gandhi..
"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
Passion, zest for life and love all around me is what i am going to live for and enjoy each day of life as if there were a no tomorrow for me...i want to leave this mother earth, content..and with no regrets...
i want people to remember me like this...


Our exams were finally over and we were rejoicing...we decided to have a fun day out...all us gang of 8 good friends.So it started out with lunch at hot chips and then came the trying time of "TO GO TO BEACH OR NOT" was 3:00pm..scorching ruthless heat of chennai discouraging us...but als...the spirit of the 8 brave soldiers...yes i call us all soldiers as we were ready to brave the tormenting heat of chennai...
so we went riding all the way to the beach on four roadies..laughing all the way..honking.!
Well the mission of the 8 soldiers was to spend one hour in the scorching sun at the beach...we slowly walk to the shore...then out of impulse 6 of us are standing in the water..the otehr two..decided to sit back and relax...
the six of then just completely forgot abt the mission..yes to kill time..and we landed up all wet...enjoying thoroughly in the water...playing like we were 6 years olds plashing water jumping...pushing each other into water...
we ended up spending mearly two hours there...forgettingthe heat..ofcourse once in to teh waters..we just enjoyed and never felt the heat.
all in all we had a fun filled gala time and this will remain as one of the many cherished memories during sophomore years!