Friday, December 02, 2005


The saga of my life is too large a canvas to fit in.Life is like a journy to a hill station.Slopes, ups and downs,the streams and waterfalls that we see on the way are like the little joys in life that we get to cherish though out our life.But at the same time if we are not careful drivers we might end up in a mess..literally!
This place would have been a better place to live had there been no men governing the world in the past and even in the present for that matter.There would have been no wars,no chaos, no widespread destruction and no enemity between countries.And facts prove it just right!For evry Hitler there was a Mother tereasa with a healing touch,filled with love and compassion for people.
Kudos to women and i salute the spirit of women.If not for them the world would not be a place worth living.They bring love and compassion in this world.They are the hope, they are the life!