Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The greatest family get together of 2008!!!!

The greatest trip of 2008 that we took! An unforgettable family get together of the Rajagoplans and extended family!
Started with a road trip from bangalore to Thalakadu which is 150 kms from Bangalore city. We landed at the resort called Jaladhama. The resort was like an island and we had to take a ferry to reach it.
Well i did wanted to write a nice piece on our trip full of memeorable and interesting anecdotes, - a nice travelogue..but well well..kya karen time nahin as of now..and as they say pictures speak louder than words...here are few pics from the memorable trip

Cowboy and his babe..well they also happen to be my parents!

ennada raaascalaaan...mind it!

Chooo cute!!!
21st century ke bhai bahin!

Thats called taming the wild men or should i say domesticity?!!

The Rocking gang!

ahem..ahem..well what shall i say..some die hard fans of mine!



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