Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yeh jeevan hai

I wake up every morning with hope and faith. Faith that this world will be a better place to live, hope that there will brighter days to cope. There are days when am just overwhlemed by the gallantry act of men in uniform. But alas, am forced to see their tacky act of beating a hapless 6 year old girl child accused of stealing a meagre sum of Rs 230. The story seems ot be running on the ever-hungry-for-news-self-proclaimed heroes aka- desi robin hood 24X7 news channels. I do not know if its a citizen journalist story or an original 'masterpiece' of the channel, but what i do know is thatthe act was shameful, both of the policeman and the one filming. I know the same old rhetoric of 'what-can-a-comman-like me do to stop such ghastly acts, when the god damn people entrusted with duty of our security are breaching all possible laws of the land. For them i can only say, if it were yiur own kith and kin? would you have had second thoughts to act?
I know its easy to say than act upon the same and i, like many others would just go about ranting about the incident and then move on in life. At this point in time i just get reminded of the movie 'A wednesday' that i saw recently. That taught me the power within a common man. Well ofcourse i do not mean to take the extremist route of planting bombs or black mailing the authorities or take laws into hand liek the central character in the movie, Naseerudinshah does, but all i am saying is that it inspired me to play an active role in a democracy. It need not be a big step but a small one. It could be treating our housemaids with respect, respecting our parents and taking care of them in their old age the same way they took care of us, not littering the roads or peeing on roads, so on and so forth. A small effort by each one would add up to be a huge force that could rid us of some evils and problems prevalent in the society.
Its been long since i blogged and though i have been wanting to blog on so many things under the some, right from the mumbai attacks, the attrocious quality of our news channels to the developments in my life,i finally got down to blogging. (Shall try to be regular from now on. )Anyhow, what triggered me to write was this very god damn incident that was aired on the news channels.
But having said all that i said, people like Mother teresa, Muhammad Yunus and recently the book " A thousand splendid suns" are compelling me to keep my faith alive and hope for a brighter tomorrow, a better world to live, a beautiful path to tread and a wonderful journey to embark upon....

with hope and faith & love


prem said...

Hey Lavs,
Thats how our world is...thats how our country is for a long long time...no one can change it so easily..may be the 24*7 channels are exposing everything which otherwise would have easily escaped from our eyes....So i like the things tht you have decided like respecting servants and all...like Gandhi says "Be the change that you like to see"...good one....keep posting...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Keep it up! Staying tuned.